#5: Assuming Your Wedding Vendors Communicate

In doing this for 7 years, we’ve seen a lot of mistakes made by couples when planning their wedding on their own, then calling us last minute for help.  So, we’ve decided to share the top five in hopes you won’t make the same mistakes.  Each one can be prevented, so hopefully these tidbits will help make things much smoother for you and explain how your planner can help out.

Starting with #5: Assuming that your wedding vendors will communicate with each other.  This is one of those things that don’t make sense in the wedding world, but it’s entirely likely that your vendors will not speak to each other prior to your wedding, even when their roles intersect.

Wedding cake topper

We can give a couple of examples on where this lack of communication becomes evident. First is when you choose to use fresh flowers on your cake.  It is unlikely that your florist and your bakery will talk to each other about things like who is providing the flowers, who will place the flowers on the cake, and if the two vendors will be there at the same time to set up on the day of the wedding.  Our second example is when your cake arrives before the linens are set – what do you do with the cake, and who becomes responsible for moving it?  One of the most time consuming conflicts can be when a bride has chosen pin spotting as part of her lighting package, but the florist doesn’t arrive with the centerpieces until after the lighting has been set.  Can someone from the lighting team come back to reset the pin spots?  Many of a photographer’s detail shots are best completed before set up has concluded, but the photographer, florist, and bakery may need to coordinate to get those shots done right – and they just won’t talk without a nudge.

The solution here is fairly simple – you or your wedding planner needs to be communicating for your vendors.  You and/or your planner know where all the vendors intersect, so do your best to ensure that you’ve talked through timing and responsibilities with each vendor in advance of your wedding day.  If your venue package includes a day-of coordinator, be sure to clarify with that person whether he/she or you will be responsible for making communication connections.  As your wedding planner, we typically have this logistics conversation a month or two out from the wedding day, confirming all delivery times the week of your wedding.  We encourage you to do the same!