A Cohesive Design

photo credit: Ben Q Photography
photo credit: Ben Q Photography

When planning your wedding, you’ll be visiting several different vendors and will have to describe what you want your day to look like over and over. This is all in an effort to bring them on board with your look, feel, or theme. They need that information to be able to even give you a quote for their services, or to design something you can use to determine whether or not you want to hire them, and their designs will evolve after they’ve been hired and they have the time to better understand all of the elements of your day.

Because vendors will be taking their cues from you in these instances, creating a unified look in your décor will be determined largely by how well you (or your planner!) remember to constantly use your design as a reference. Table top décor, linens, florals, catering, specialty furniture, non-specialty furniture (like tables and chairs), cakes, entertainment… All of these things can greatly aid in communicating your theme to your guests, be it a time period, a specific color scheme, or even just a feeling.

It’s okay for your design to alter a bit while you’re planning. (Once you see all the spectacular options available to you, it’s hard to narrow it down!) Creating a visual storyboard – a collection of images representing the look you’re after – or a Pinterest board to show your vendors can be extremely helpful. Just make sure if you utilize media such as Pinterest that you don’t have a massive number of pins to scroll through in order to show what you truly like. Create a new board with the images narrowed down, and refine this board as you move through your design process. Maintaining a clear and defined style throughout your planning process will result in a wedding and celebration you and your guests won’t soon forget.

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