All (Paper) is Bright!


Color wedding program James Edwards Photography

Photo courtesy of James Edward Photography

Since we’re loving on all things colorful this month, we thought we’d take a closer look at how best to use color in your paper goods and invitations.  There are some definite distinctions on how to make your paper fun AND readable when choosing a bright color scheme.  Here are some great ways to use color, with our best tips and tricks for keeping everything easy to read for your guests!

Brights and anachromatics: Use a bright neon color on an an achromatic background (white, black, or gray) to create a bold pop!  We love this envelope with the showstopping pink calligraphy.  It’s a great use of a single bright color standing out against a more subtle background.  You can also use a bunch of colors, like this smashing letterpress neon paper suite.  The letterpress gives the different colors some dimension, keeping it from being just too much.  (What’s letterpress? Read about different type styles here!)

Flip it, reverse it: Put a fun twist on your bright colors by using them as a background for white text.  You can use an impressionistic pattern, a solid pattern, or even a watercolor to achieve this look!  Depending on your background, you may want to do a bolder font to make it more readable.

Patterns as text: Give your paper a punch up by using a colorful pattern as your text!  Be a little cautious with this one – pick nice bold fonts with straight lines to ensure that everything can be read easily.

Color in patterns: Use a nifty and bright pattern to give your paper a fun, colorful vibe while maintaining a more classic look.  We love all patterns – geometric, floral, artsy, repeating, whatever fits your style!

Off the page: Going with a more traditional invitation suite?  Don’t forget that you can bring color in with the accompanying items!  Envelopes, envelope liners, belly bands (bands that hold your suite together) – all of these can give you a pretty hint of color without overwhelming your suite.

Can you mix and match these ideas?  Definitely!  Be judicious and consistent, and you can create a fun suite that announces your wedding with a big bright bang!

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