Alterations for Your Wedding Dress

photo provided by Juxtapose Photography

Last week I spent time with Andrea Porter at Circle Park Bridal to learn more about wedding dresses and what all options are out there. Surprisingly enough, I actually learned more about alterations than anything else as they are so important to the overall dress purchase. Here are a few facts I picked up while picking Andrea’s brain:

  • Alterations for one wedding dress ON AVERAGE are around $300.  This is purely a rough average based on what Andrea has seen, but when using her recommended seamstress, she sees that this typically includes everything the bride usually needs.
  • To cut back on expenses, try to use a seamstress recommended by the bridal salon you purchased your dress at, but not someone operating “in house”.  This cuts back on the mark up the bridal salon is adding to your alterations bill.
  • Standard alterations include adding bra cups to the dress, shortening or lengthening the hem, taking in side areas or letting them out, shortening straps and adding a bustle.
  • Most dresses do not come with a bustle “built in”.
  • Some items to watch for in a good seamstress include making sure the new hemline “bleeds” into the train (in other words there is not a jump in the edge where the hem meets the trim, but a smooth transition) and when sewing bra cups in, the seamstress should add them within the lining, not just attach them directly to the inside of the dress.

Thank you to Andrea who taught me a wealth of info, not just on alterations, but dress trends and even the care and maintenance of your dress.  Brides, if you are still looking for your dress, go visit this amazing and caring store owner at Circle Park Bridal.  She truly has your best interests at heart.  And remember to budget for those alterations, no matter where you purchase your dress!

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