Before You Say Yes to the Dress

Wedding Dress Fur WrapFor many brides, the first step in their wedding planning process is shopping for… THE DRESS.  Dress shopping can be a tricky process, because it involves style, emotional outbursts, and navigating a whole new set of body image issues.  We’re hoping that the tips and tricks below will help you sail through the process with as little stress as possible!

1.  Keep Your Group Exclusive

While it’s very tempting to bring your mom and your sister and your grandma and all six bridesmaids, this can lead to chaos.  At least on your first outing, keep your group to 3 or 4 people maximum, so that you can get some opinions, but still make yourself heard.

2.  Be Open to Suggestions

Salons will usually suggest that you bring photos or a Pinterest board with you to show your stylist what you like.  Keep in mind that the world of wedding dress silhouettes is very different from normal shopping, and that a style of dress that you may not like in photos might look spectacular on you.  Take some risks and allow your stylist to use all of their knowledge to help you find the best dress for you!

3.  Eat – Seriously

Sometimes we see brides who schedule an entire day of salon visits without leaving time for lunch, because they’re afraid that eating will make them “look fat” in a dress.  Trust us – hangry shopping is no fun.  Take breaks between appointments to eat, drink, and relax.

4.  Time Will Tell

There are some brides who find their dress at the first store they visit, but many others will go to several salons in search of the perfect gown.  Don’t be afraid to revisit earlier stores to retry dresses that were at the top of your list – sometimes, you just need a little time and space to let your heart decide what it loves.  If you’ve gone to several stores and haven’t found anything that qualifies as a possibility, take some time away from the search and allow yourself to consider some of the factors involved, like style, budget, and color.  Expanding your potential selection pool can help!

5.  The Lingo

There’s a lot of fancy terminology involved with wedding dress fits and styles.  You don’t need to memorize a vocabulary list (put the flash cards down), but below is an infographic from our friends over at Simply Bridal that will help you be familiar with some key terms.

Wedding Dress 101 Simply Bridal

 Photo courtesy of Simple Moments Photography

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