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Check out some of the pretty we’ve been seeing around le interwebs. We’ve picked our favorites. What are yours?


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Did you or would you change up your style on your wedding day?

Vendor Love: Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Time to talk to another of our favorite vendors!  Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo is the home of fab makeup artist Wendy Zerrudo and her team.  These ladies have style and sass down to an art!  We talked with Wendy about her business, and here’s a little of what she had to say.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

 Photo Credit: Hampton Morrow Photography

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

My professional career in makeup started with MAC cosmetics in 2004 in New Jersey. Shortly after, I decided to explore the wedding industry. This is going to be my 11th year and it only gets better year after year. I have built so many beautiful friendships throughout the years, which is definitely one of the many perks of my job. I have been in Texas for more than 3 years and I am so blessed to continue to do what I love. Texas has been really good to me and I have had the pleasure to work with some talented wedding industry friends.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Perez Photography

Where are you based and where do you meet with clients?

I am based out of McKinney, TX where I have a spacious studio and schedule my trials/consultations by appointment only.  Generally, I’m on location for the event day.

Why do you think your clients hire you or what are some of the best compliments you’ve received from your clients?

From the initial contact with my clients, I am personable and professional. The best compliments I have received from clients are that they can see my passion and love for my work and that we really work to enhance their natural beauty and features.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Dyan Kethley Photography

 Do you have a funny story to share about a previous event?

Well, being in the wedding industry, you have many laughs with your bride and bridal party. Let’s just say, when a bee flies into a room, this makeup artist will use even tweezers or a brush to protect her bride from a sting!

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Anna Smith Photography

 What do you recommend to your clients to best prepare their skin for the wedding day?

First, I tell my clients to drink plenty of water – at least 8 glasses a day – and to keep their skin well moisturized. The stress level can take a toll on skin appearance. Schedule a facial (especially if it is your first time) 2-3 months out before your wedding day and schedule the last facial the week of the wedding. Avoid any peels or harsh treatments that can irritate your skin on your last facial appointment.  If my clients decide to spray tan, which many of them do, have a trial run at least one month before and then your final spray tan 2-4 days before the wedding day.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Sara Kate Photography

You can read more about Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo‘s services on their website, or call them at 972.814.7310!


Starting Your Sparkly Search

Wedding engagement ringOh, the ring.  Selecting the right rings can be an emotional experience as well as a technical one.  One of our favorite blogs pointed out that, “We see our engagement and wedding rings more than we see our own faces.” So, no pressure.

Here’s a few links on the ins and outs of diamonds, engagement rings, and wedding bands to help in your hunt for that perfect ring!

The 4Cs – Basic, but key.  Tiffany & Co. has a great discussion of the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carats) on their site, plus some helpful videos on recognizing the differences between different diamond grades.

Avoiding conflict – Conflict-free diamonds and sustainable stones are becoming more of a hot topic in the engagement ring discussion due to debate on the efficacy of the Kimberley Process in ensuring diamonds are mined ethically.  Check out some information on the current state of conflict-free diamond certification on Brilliant Earth’s website.  Also, here’s an interesting blog from Aide-Memoire Jewelry on some alternatives to diamonds.

Going vintage – Thinking about a vintage ring?  Fantastic!  Our friends at A Practical Wedding posted this extremely thorough discussion on the factors involved in buying vintage.

Wedding band basics – Most women prefer that their wedding band match their engagement ring, so it’s never too early to check out some options for your partner as well!  Here’s some tips from The Knot on selecting the right bands.

Have fun shopping!  We hope you find something shiny and sparkly and pretty and, most importantly, you.

Photo courtesy of Ben Q Photography

Vendor Spotlight: Menguin

We can’t forget about the guys! We’re excited to present to you a brand new concept in tuxedo shopping. So read on to find out how to outfit yourself in the latest and greatest, with the least hassle possible!

Jon Ruby Photography

Jon Ruby Photography

How long have you been in the wedding industry?
Menguin was founded in 2013.

What are your favorite wedding trends right now?
We love the slimmer fit tuxedos, and we are big fans of the blue tuxedo trend. When paired with the right accessories, a dark blue tuxedo can work any time of year. We also really like how guys are starting to personalize their wedding looks with colorful and creative accessories, whether it’s striped socks or a lollipop as a boutonniere.

Magen Davis Photography

Magen Davis Photography

What do you love most about working in menswear?
We enjoy the opportunity to make guys feel good and look good – whether it’s for a wedding, prom night or any special event. When you know you’re looking good in a great-fitting, modern tux, you feel good, and that confidence will make any guy enjoy his event even more.

What makes you unique from other outfitters?
Unlike other tuxedo rental companies, Menguin is all online. We don’t have any brick-and-mortar stores. No driving back and forth to a tuxedo store to get measured, picking up the tux, returning to the store if there’s a fit issue and then bringing the tuxedo back after the event.

We remove the hassle. We have 12 modern tuxedo styles (with more on the way!), and we deliver the tux right to your door 5 days before the event in our awesome tuxbox. After the event, you simply place the tux back in the box with the provided pre-printed shipping label, drop it off at FedEx and you are good to go.

We also have a fit algorithm that uses your measurements, height and weight to guarantee your tuxedo fits. If anything doesn’t fit exactly how you want it to, we overnight a complimentary replacement.

courtesy of Menguin

courtesy of Menguin

Tell us about your most memorable and fun groom/shopping experience.
We once had a customer who received pants that were too short. Not just a little too short – they went to right below the knee. They were hobbit pants! We of course sent a replacement pair of pants immediately that fit to a tee, and we included a DVD of The Hobbit in the box just for a little humor. The customer’s new pants fit perfectly, he appreciated how quickly we resolved the issue and he got a kick out of the DVD!

Tell us one thing we might not otherwise know about your company.
We have a rent a tux, save a penguin program. We believe in not just looking good, but doing good. A portion of the proceeds from every tuxedo we rent goes to help rescue penguins who are victims of oil spills.

Letter A Photography

Letter A Photography

Do you have any special discounts or offers for Menguin at this time that our blog readers should know about?
We do! Readers can use the coupon code: EveryDetail to get $10 off each tuxedo rental booked between now and March 31, 2015.

Gentlemen, do yourselves a favor and check out what Menguin has to offer!

Megan Saul Photography

Megan Saul Photography

Vendor Spotlight: Leann’s Bridal

Today we are thrilled to share a little more information with you on one of our favorite new bridal salons, LeAnn’s Bridal in McKinney!  Located on the historic downtown square, LeAnn’s has a fantastic vintage vibe in-store while offering a wide selection of gowns.  Want to hear a little more?  Read on for the behind the scenes scoop from Cathy and Alyssa, the mother-daughter duo behind this fab new salon.

LeAnns Bridal wedding dress boutique

When and how did you get into the industry?

We are Oklahoma natives, mother and daughter, and most importantly, best friends. We’re practically inseparable, and we have always been the go-to gals for our family and friends when creativity and passion are needed. In 2013, we realized that our crazy, exciting dream of opening a bridal boutique might finally become a reality.  We brainstormed, researched, planned, and spent countless hours discussing this possibility, fueled by a wedding and two engagements that all took place within a few months in the Landers’ household. The endless atmosphere of love and happiness was the “icing on the cake” that we channeled to open LeAnn’s Bridal.

Coming up with the store name may have been the easiest part of the whole process – both of our middle names are LeAnn. Once we had a name, everything else started to fall into place – with lots of hard work and family support. We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to help brides find their dream gown because we know that this gown is so much more than a dress. We know it embodies love, memories, and every girl’s dream of happily ever after.

LeAnns Bridal wedding dress boutique

What makes you different at what you do?

We really try to cater to the bride. It’s her special day and we want her to feel that way from the time she walks in our doors. Each bride gets a two hour one-on-one appointment with a consultant. Every bride that finds her gown gets a small thank you gift and pictures from their wedding posted on our website and social media sites (including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest).

LeAnns Bridal wedding dress boutique

What are some of the best compliments you’ve received from your clients?

A review from one bride: “Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful bridal shopping experience. My time was lovely from the moment I walked through the doors to the time I left. Your gowns are courageous and your store is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s truly the atmosphere where any bride feels pampered and beautiful. I also want to thank you for your excellent customer service and the time you put into helping me try on gowns. I never felt rushed or like I was just being “sold to.”  It was a pressure-free stress free environment, so thank you.” Another bride said “I absolutely LOVED shopping at LeAnn’s Bridal! I felt extremely valued and taken care of. I have my perfect wedding dress and I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing experience I had!”

LeAnns Bridal wedding dress

How can brides get in touch with you?

Brides can give us a call at 214-842-8844 or visit our website to make an appointment online.  If you have a specific question for us, please feel free to email us at  We can’t wait to see you at LeAnn’s, located at 209 E Louisiana Street in McKinney!

All photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Bridal.

Dress to Impress – Mothers

Bride and mom prepping for weddingFinding the right dress as a mother of the bride or the groom can be challenging!  What styles are appropriate?  Should you match the bridal party?  Where do you find some good options?  We’ve got some tips for you to help with your search!

1.  Consider Your Surroundings

When choosing a style, keep in mind the setting for the wedding.  The right outfit for a garden wedding in May is probably not the same as the right outfit for a formal reception in December.  Consider fabrics, styles, and colors that will fit with both the season and the environment.  For example, if you’re an always-cold and the reception is in a hotel ballroom in summer, plan to be chilly and select an outfit with a light jacket or wrap.

2.  Ask the Bride

It’s always worth checking in with the bride before you start shopping.  She may request that you stay away from a certain style or color so that her formal family photos will look balanced.  Take her advice under consideration and, if she’s extremely detail-oriented when it comes to fashion, consider inviting her to shop with you.

3.  Be You

You’ve been buying your own clothes for years – you know what you can pull off and what just won’t work!  Be true to your own style, and select something comfortable and flattering.  Consider your shoes as well – your length preference may change if you know that you’ll need to wear flats to tackle a grassy aisle.

4.  Talk to Your Counterpart

Have the bride open a line of communication between you and the other mother(s), so that you can discuss your color selections and style to make sure that you balance each other out well.  Sequins on one side and a sundress on the other may look odd in photos.

5.  Local Resources

Live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area?  Here are some of our favorite places to shop:

Stardust Celebrations has a top notch staff and a wide selection of options on wedding attire

– The Nordstrom Wedding Suite offers a wide variety or formal and cocktail wear.  A great choice if the bride lives in a different city, because you can buy options and return whatever doesn’t work at any time with no penalties.

Neiman Marcus also has a wide selection of formal and cocktail wear appropriate for weddings.  The downtown Dallas location is home to the Bridal Salon, where you can find expert help on selecting the right outfit.

Lewisville Bridal Boutique has a wide selection of options to try on in the store


Photo courtesy of Ben Q Photography

Merry Marry ‘Maids

Surrounding yourself with beauty is the name of the game when creating your wedding’s look. Not the least of these decisions is what your gorgeous bridesmaids will be wearing while they stand next to you during one of the most monumental moments in your life. When looking for the right dress to frame you in your photographs, try some of these approaches.

Does your wedding have a clear style? If so, let the bridesmaids’ dresses also reflect that style for a sense of continuity.

Jessica D'Onofrio Photography

Jessica D’Onofrio Photography

Do current bridal fashion trends make the most of your bridesmaids’ figures, or will they only work on one or two of them? If you’d like all of them to wear matching dresses, it’s a very good idea to pick a universally flattering cut, like A-line.

Absolute Photography

Absolute Photography

If you have a group of ‘maids that have very different body types, a thoughtful option is to pick a color and let them select their own dress. If you give them a list of criteria and a specific color (distributing a fabric swatch to each of them is the best bet in this case), each person can find something comfortable for them in price and fit, and you can rest assured they’ll not be blaming you if they can’t wear it again!

A Studio Productions Photography

A Studio Productions Photography

Another thing to consider is a mix-and-match of prints and solids – or even all prints – to further allow for individualization and visual interest.

The Minnericks Photography

The Minnericks Photography

Don’t discount the value or impact of accessories! A dress that’s simpler can easily be supplemented by some statement jewelry, fun shoes, or other more quirky elements (like gloves, hats and fascinators, or even floral alternatives like umbrellas or purses!).

James Edwards Photography

James Edwards Photography

It’s important to remember when you’re making your decision that you are unlikely to please everyone, and that it’s not a reflection on your taste or how much your bridesmaids adore you. Make your choices based on your vision and the lovely ladies you’ve chosen to accompany you throughout your day will be able to see “you” in each element. They love you, and they’ll love standing for and with you on such an important day!


(Did anyone else read that as Mr. Humphreys from Are You Being Served? No? Just me? Oh…)

groom,bow tie,tux,striped shirt,black and white,wedding

Cherie Callaway Photography

Choosing what the men of the wedding party will wear should rank *right* up there with what the women will wear, as ideally they are complimentary. We didn’t want to leave you guys in the lurch when figuring out what to look for when shopping for the men.

This should be decision numero uno when selecting menswear. What look are you going for? Most shops have a variety of looks within, so not knowing before you go in is okay, but identifying what will work with your wedding’s theme/style – and with your body type! – will help make all of the other choices that much easier.

This can fit right in line with the color palette of the wedding, or it can merely provide a neutral backdrop for it. Either way, figuring out preferable and possible color choices after you select a style will help narrow down selection, since not all suits will come in all colors.

We’ve been very happy to see a resurgence lately in a slim fit for menswear. If that’s not your or your man’s thing, however, there are lots of other options – especially in retro fits – which afford more room, or a different shape altogether. Just like it’s important for a bride to wear a dress that works with her body type, it’s also important for a suit’s fit to be right for the groom!

They’re not just for women! French cuff shirt with cufflinks? Trés chic, and a nice way to bring in some individualism that’s subtle. Pocket squares, hanging ties, bow ties, suspenders, gloves, top hats, bowler hats, pageboy hats, tie pins or bars, pocket watches, vests, socks, shoes: all can be worn in a style that compliments the suit, the person, and the event.

Go forth and shop well!

Before You Say Yes to the Dress

Wedding Dress Fur WrapFor many brides, the first step in their wedding planning process is shopping for… THE DRESS.  Dress shopping can be a tricky process, because it involves style, emotional outbursts, and navigating a whole new set of body image issues.  We’re hoping that the tips and tricks below will help you sail through the process with as little stress as possible!

1.  Keep Your Group Exclusive

While it’s very tempting to bring your mom and your sister and your grandma and all six bridesmaids, this can lead to chaos.  At least on your first outing, keep your group to 3 or 4 people maximum, so that you can get some opinions, but still make yourself heard.

2.  Be Open to Suggestions

Salons will usually suggest that you bring photos or a Pinterest board with you to show your stylist what you like.  Keep in mind that the world of wedding dress silhouettes is very different from normal shopping, and that a style of dress that you may not like in photos might look spectacular on you.  Take some risks and allow your stylist to use all of their knowledge to help you find the best dress for you!

3.  Eat – Seriously

Sometimes we see brides who schedule an entire day of salon visits without leaving time for lunch, because they’re afraid that eating will make them “look fat” in a dress.  Trust us – hangry shopping is no fun.  Take breaks between appointments to eat, drink, and relax.

4.  Time Will Tell

There are some brides who find their dress at the first store they visit, but many others will go to several salons in search of the perfect gown.  Don’t be afraid to revisit earlier stores to retry dresses that were at the top of your list – sometimes, you just need a little time and space to let your heart decide what it loves.  If you’ve gone to several stores and haven’t found anything that qualifies as a possibility, take some time away from the search and allow yourself to consider some of the factors involved, like style, budget, and color.  Expanding your potential selection pool can help!

5.  The Lingo

There’s a lot of fancy terminology involved with wedding dress fits and styles.  You don’t need to memorize a vocabulary list (put the flash cards down), but below is an infographic from our friends over at Simply Bridal that will help you be familiar with some key terms.

Wedding Dress 101 Simply Bridal

 Photo courtesy of Simple Moments Photography

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it asks us to actively consider the things and people for which we’re thankful. What a world we would be if everyone sought ways to express thanks every day!

I’d like to invite you to take the day off tomorrow. From worry, if from nothing else. Whatever it is you have to worry about on a daily basis, don’t think about it. All those details will still be present a day later, and so many of the things which deserve our thoughts and thanks are ephemeral… Instead, spend some time actively thinking about the things in your life for which you can be grateful. Perhaps it’s that you’ve got a job, or that your loved ones are safe and healthy. Perhaps it’s that you have really good friends who support you, or that you have friends and neighbors whom you can support.

Perhaps you have found yourself in a relationship so loving and generous you’ve decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Perhaps it’s seeing so many of your friends, family, and neighbors genuinely happy for you.

Life will always present us with moments we wish we could forget. It’s important not to allow those moments to crowd out the myriad ways in which life also gives us moments of joy. If we’ll hold those bright moments closely, those best forgotten won’t seem as dark.

Know as you count your blessings tomorrow that we here at Each & Every Detail are thankful for you. We’re thankful you choose to share your biggest, most happy day with us.

Have a safe, relaxing holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!