Open House Extravaganza!

This month, Each and Every Detail will be at quite a few open houses for venues that we adore!  If you’re still ins each of a venue, these events will be a great opportunity to check out the spaces and meet some vendors.  Here’s the full list – we’d love it if you come out and see us!

Absolute Photography Heritage Springs

March 14

The Grand Hotel Bridal Event, McKinney

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

RSVP – jdukes(at)


March 18

Chapel at Ana Villa Spring Open House, The Colony

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Follow the link for more information!


March 22

La Cour Venue Open House, McKinney

Times TBD

In the meantime, check out La Cour’s Facebook page!


March 26

Hidden Springs Event Center Open House, Aubrey

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

RSVP – hidden(at)


Photo courtesy of Absolute Photography

DIY Fringe Letter Banner

We’ve got a special treat for you today!  Here’s a cute and (relatively) quick project you can do to add a little sparkle to your wedding, shower, or engagement party.  We’re indebted to the super-talented and fabulous Joy Paytes of Clover and Bloom for helping us out with this nifty little tutorial!

Materials Needed

  • Chipboard or cardstock letters
  • Gold mylar sheets
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors/X acto knife
  • String, twine, or ribbon


1. Gather your materials.

  • You can use store-bought letters or cut your own from chipboard or cardstock sheets.
  • Mylar sheets can be found in the party section of your local craft store.

Clover and Bloom DIY Step One

2. Cut the mylar into 1-2 inch strips, depending on the size of your letters, and cut small sections into each of the strips to create the fringe.

Clover and Bloom DIY Step 2

3. Starting at the bottom of your letters, glue the fringed strips into place one row at a time, slightly overlapping each layer as you go.

Clover and Bloom DIY Step 3

4. Continue layering each row until you have covered the entire letter.

Clover and Bloom DIY Step 4

5. Once the whole letter is covered, trim the extra fringe around the edges using either scissors or an x acto knife.

Clover and Bloom DIY Step 5

6. To create holes for stringing the banner, cut a small X shape in top corners of each letter using an x acto knife. Pierce the area with a pencil or other pointed object to create the hole.

Clover and Bloom DIY Step 6

7. Thread your letters onto the string and hang where desired!

Where can you use this? What about Mr. and Mrs. chair signs?  As a dessert table banner?  The backdrop of your photo booth?  Make a ‘thank you’ version and have your photographer take pic of you two holding the sign to use for your thank you cards!  Pop it in the entryway!  Spice up your guest book table!  Lots of options – have fun crafting!

Clover and Bloom is a boutique event decor company specializing in handcrafted paper party goods.  They are based in Dallas, and you can shop for their products online at  All images courtesy of Joy Paytes, Clover and Bloom.

Vendor Spotlight: Holly Viles Design

Ben Q Photography

Ben Q Photography

When it comes to weddings, there is one element that can stun to silence (besides the gorgeous couple, of course), and that’s floral. Please read on to learn about the gorgeous blooms and feeling created by Holly Viles of Holly Viles Design!

How long have you been in the wedding industry?
I have been doing wedding and event floral for 6 years.

What are your favorite wedding trends right now?
I am happy to see a shift towards whimsical, larger and free flowing styles which have a picked from the garden feel. I am also a big fan of working with local farmer florists and choosing seasonal blooms to create a farm to table look. Last but not least, I love that more of my brides are choosing bold colors for their bridal bouquets.

Tucker Images

Tucker Images

What do you love most about working in floral design?
What I most enjoy most about floral design is the limitless design possibilities. I love to think outside of the box and find inspiration in unexpected places. I get pretty excited when I come across the perfect branch, berry or unique container to compliment a centerpiece or bouquet.

What makes you unique from other florists?
There are many amazing florists in the DFW area, however I think I am unique in that I tend to gravitate towards a specific look which could be defined as rustic chic, vintage or eclectic. With that said, I still enjoy working with all styles which is evident in my portfolio.

Feather and Twine Photography

Feather and Twine Photography

Tell us about your most memorable and fun event/client experience.
I love seeing how each of my couples unique style choices and personalities come together on their wedding day, so it is near impossible for me to pick out one particular memorable experience.

wedding floral,bridal bouquet,bride

Dyan Kethley Photography

Tell us one thing we might not otherwise know about your company.
One thing people may not know about my company is we strive to create a boutique like atmosphere. We do not accept more than 2 weddings per weekend. Myself and my other lead designer have our hands on everything that is delivered to the wedding. We value customer service and developing relationships with our clients. Much love goes into our designs and we do not want to lose sight of that by over-committing.

Do you have any special discounts or offers for Holly Viles Design at this time that our blog readers should know about?
We offer complimentary toss bouquets as well as discounted portrait bouquets.

Dyan Kethley Photography

Dyan Kethley Photography

Many thanks to Holly for taking the time to let us interview her! Check out her website for more pretty pictures and information about Holly Viles Design.

Setting the Scene: Rentals

Sometimes, the venue you’ve chosen just doesn’t have everything you need. Rental items can make a dramatic difference in the feel of the room, whether you’re focusing on large items like lounge furniture or small items like centerpiece elements. And the great thing about rentals? They can be delivered and picked up, saving you and your family time and energy! Here are a few big impact rentals that can add some pizzazz to your ceremony or reception space.


Draping (also called pipe-and-drape) is kind of a magical thing. It can hide things! Or make things look bigger! Build little enclosures! Voila! It also looks wonderful when you add in lighting. When ordering draping, be sure to measure walls or other spaces as accurately as possible, so that the rental company brings the right amount! Also, be sure to confirm that you have enough time for set up and teardown – depending on the lengths involved, set up in particular can be time consuming. If you’re lighting your draping, make sure the schedule allows for the draping going up *first*, followed by the lighting once everything is completed.

 Wedding draping W Hotel

Photo courtesy of Monica Salazar Photography

Draping wedding Perot Museum

Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography


Furniture is kind of a broad category. You may need additional tables to supplement those provided by your venue (i.e., square tables instead of round, tall cocktail tables, etc.). You might want to switch out or cover the chairs. You may also be looking at something more dramatic, like lounge furniture. This can be a wonderful touch when you have a lounge space for the evening (usually with a separate bar). It provides a wonderful area for older folks to hang out while you and your friends crank up the party. No matter what your aesthetic – rustic, vintage, elegant, contemporary – there are sure to be rental companies with options in your area.

Chair covers Gaylord Hotel

Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography

Lounge furniture Hilton Rockwall

Photo courtesy of Joseph Mark Photography

Ceremony chairs wedding

Photo courtesy of Joseph Mark Photography

Ceremony Altars

Outdoor ceremonies are popular here in Dallas, but occasionally you need something a little more exciting to mark out your ceremony site. Rentals range from basic wooden arches to chuppahs to more creative backdrops, like antique doors or carefully crafted word art pieces. These can really punch up the mood of your ceremony site to better match the reception.

Ceremony arch Frisco Heritage Center

Photo courtesy of Katie Cassidy Photography

Ceremony altar table Heritage Springs

Photo courtesy of Absolute Photography

Setting the Scene: Lighting

Lighting is one of the under-appreciated aspects of event design.  It’s a subtle way to change the feel of your room and can even hide bits and pieces that you don’t like very much.  Let’s look at a few commonly used lighting elements for weddings, as well as the logistics of securing lighting.


Uplighting is usually colored lighting that is projected from floor-based units to provide a wash of light up towards the ceiling.  This is a great way to bring in a color that can’t be used in florals easily (like, say, turquoise) or to provide more ambiance in the room by allowing you to shut off or dim the existing overhead lights.

Uplighting Dallas wedding

Photo courtesy of Cherie Callaway Photography


Pinspots are bright white lights that are narrowly focused on a single element in the room to make it shine.  Pinspots are a great idea when you know that your room will be really dark, but you want your centerpieces, cake, or other decor elements to really stand out.  You can do a single pinspot on each element, which lights it from one side only, or you can cross-spot, using multiple pin spots to illuminate all angles.  Pinspots require a little bit more effort and time than uplighting, because they do need to be rigged from a high point in the room.  Depending on your venue, this may require bringing in tall lighting trusses.

Pinspotting Dallas wedding

Photo courtesy of Sil Azevedo Photography

Patterns and Monograms

It’s always a fun personal touch to include your monogram or names in light, projected on the dance floor or a nearby wall.  A newer trend is to use light patterns instead to evoke a different feel for your room.  Say, for example, your wedding theme is fairytale forest.  A hotel ballroom is very, well, indoors.  Using light patterns to create vines and branches on the wall can bring that outside magic back in to your reception.  Both of these lighting techniques involve the use of GOBOs, custom or pre-cut stencils that fit into spotlights.

Patterned lighting Dallas wedding

Photo courtesy of Monica Salazar Photography

Market Lights / String Lights

If you have a more rustic or laid-back design to your wedding, you may want to consider using market lights over your ceremony, cocktail, or reception space. These create a more casual environment and have a homemade, DIY feel to them. Market lights are extremely heavy, and require support to ensure that they don’t fall on your guests.  We definitely suggest working with professionals on these – but, boy, are they super cute!

Market lights Dallas wedding

Photo courtesy of The Minnericks Photographers

Chandeliers and Specialty Hanging Lights

Sometimes, you just need that extra special pop of pretty to complete your look.  A single chandelier hanging in a tree or a ballroom can add just that little touch of elegance you need to bring your vision together!

Chandelier Dallas wedding

Photo courtesy of Joseph Mark Photography

Where to Get It and Timing

So, thinking a little lighting might be right for you?  Wondering where to start on finding these things?  The best first stop is often your DJ, if you have one.  Many DJs can provide uplighting, and some will also offer pinspotting or GOBO lighting. Another place to check is with your larger rental companies.  Several of these offer lighting.  The best one stop shop for all of your lighting, though, is an event lighting company.  They’ll have multiple options in terms of style and, if they don’t have what you need, they often know who does!  Be sure to build in enough set up time with your venue for getting your lighting rigged.  Also, be sure that your elements to be lit (say, centerpieces) are in place before the lighting company arrives. Otherwise, your vendors are in for some serious guesswork!

Styled Shoot: Steampunk Fun

Here’s a little extra pretty with a dash of nerd to brighten up your day!  When creating this concept, we really wanted to design a rich, lush tabletop with loads of details, to bring in the essence of the steampunk style while keeping to more modern silhouettes. To do that, we created a color palette that used a lot of neutrals and metallics with pops of deep red and burgundy to evoke a cheerful, creative tone. We were incredibly lucky to have a stunningly conceived centerpiece and additional floral touches, done by Haute Floral, and a slew of wonderful jewelry pieces created by the fabulous Victorian Curiosities. We built all of our smaller details around the themes associated with steampunk – gears, timepieces, books, travel, and lenses. Flashbox Photography did an amazing job of capturing the whimsy and the charm of our different vignettes!

Steampunk 1

Steampunk 2

Steampunk 3

Steampunk 4

Steampunk 5

Steampunk 6

Steampunk 7

Steampunk 8

Steampunk 9

Steampunk 10

Steampunk 11

Steampunk 12

Steampunk 13

Steampunk 14

Steampunk 15

Steampunk 16

Steampunk 17

Steampunk 18

Steampunk 19

Steampunk 20

Steampunk 21

Steampunk 22

Steampunk 23

Steampunk 24

Steampunk 25

Steampunk 26

Steampunk 27

Steampunk 28

Steampunk 29

Steampunk 30

Steampunk 31

Steampunk 32

Steampunk 33

Steampunk 34

Steampunk 35

Steampunk 36

Steampunk 37

Steampunk 38

Steampunk 39

Steampunk 40

Our fantastic team of vendors:

Planning and Design – Each & Every Detail

Photography – Flashbox Photography

Venue – The Windsor at Hebron Park

Floral – Haute Floral

Stationery – 5 by 7 Designs

Cake – Sweet Art Bakery

Hair and Makeup – Beauty and the Blush

Attire – Bridal Boutique of Lewisville

Model – Brooke Berryhill, courtesy of The Campbell Agency

Jewelry Design – Victorian Curiosities


Setting the Scene: Tabletops

Let’s just admit it – we’ve all had that moment on Pinterest where you look at a perfectly gorgeous table and think, “Yes, yes, yes.  This is what I want for my wedding.”  But what goes into creating that styled look?  There are a whole variety of things to consider – table size and shape, chairs, china, stationery, and, of course, floral.  But, there are two other elements that can really change the look and feel of the whole table: linens and chargers. Let’s look at how to use these to best effect.


Linens (by which we mean tablecloths and napkins and runners, oh my!) can really shake up the feel of your whole room.  Don’t be afraid to use some color or pattern in your linens.  Also, you don’t necessarily need to tie yourself to a single linen for the whole room.  Judicious mixing can have a wonderful effect, whether it’s patterns and solids, shades of one color, or a variety of colors and fabrics.  While some venues provide basic linens, even adding one or two specialty linens to provide that pop of pretty – maybe under your cake or at your head table? – can change the feel and look of the room.

Patterned linen wedding tabletop

A patterned linen to add a little drama

Photo courtesy of Simple Moments Photography

Colored napkins runners wedding tabletop

Bring in a little color with runners and napkins

Photo courtesy of Katie Cassidy Photography

Specialty linen cake table wedding

A textured specialty linen can help your cake table dazzle

Photo courtesy of Joy Neville Photography


Chargers range from the very plain metallic painted plastic to the extremely fabulous handcrafted glass. A charger definitely lends a different air to a table setting – and not always a formal one.  You can be creative with materials and find something that really lends itself to your aesthetic.  Chargers can be procured from some venues, rented from a number of sources, or you can buy or make them yourself.  Just be sure that if you decide to invest in them that you take them with you at the end of the evening!

Paper chargers wedding tabletop

Use a paper charger, printed with your menu, for a fun and unique touch

Photo courtesy of Joseph Mark Photography

Clear glass charger wedding tabletop

A clear charger adds some definition without distracting from the placesetting

Photo courtesy of Cottonwood Road Photography

Corrugated metal chargers wedding tabletop

Be creative – this table features corrugated sheet metal cut to size as a charger!

Photo courtesy of Katie Cassidy Photography

Fancy charger wedding tabletop

Choose a more elaborate charger to make a statement!

Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography

A Cohesive Design

photo credit: Ben Q Photography

photo credit: Ben Q Photography

When planning your wedding, you’ll be visiting several different vendors and will have to describe what you want your day to look like over and over. This is all in an effort to bring them on board with your look, feel, or theme. They need that information to be able to even give you a quote for their services, or to design something you can use to determine whether or not you want to hire them, and their designs will evolve after they’ve been hired and they have the time to better understand all of the elements of your day.

Because vendors will be taking their cues from you in these instances, creating a unified look in your décor will be determined largely by how well you (or your planner!) remember to constantly use your design as a reference. Table top décor, linens, florals, catering, specialty furniture, non-specialty furniture (like tables and chairs), cakes, entertainment… All of these things can greatly aid in communicating your theme to your guests, be it a time period, a specific color scheme, or even just a feeling.

It’s okay for your design to alter a bit while you’re planning. (Once you see all the spectacular options available to you, it’s hard to narrow it down!) Creating a visual storyboard – a collection of images representing the look you’re after – or a Pinterest board to show your vendors can be extremely helpful. Just make sure if you utilize media such as Pinterest that you don’t have a massive number of pins to scroll through in order to show what you truly like. Create a new board with the images narrowed down, and refine this board as you move through your design process. Maintaining a clear and defined style throughout your planning process will result in a wedding and celebration you and your guests won’t soon forget.

MUAH Photo Roundup

Makeup and Hair (MUAH, in abbreviation, which is perfect, don’t you think?)

Check out some of the pretty we’ve been seeing around le interwebs. We’ve picked our favorites. What are yours?


Romantic: HairMakeup
Stylish: HairMakeup
Polished: HairMakeup
Retro: HairMakeup
Sassy: HairMakeup
Natural: HairMakeup
Adventurous: HairMakeup

Did you or would you change up your style on your wedding day?

Vendor Love: Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Time to talk to another of our favorite vendors!  Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo is the home of fab makeup artist Wendy Zerrudo and her team.  These ladies have style and sass down to an art!  We talked with Wendy about her business, and here’s a little of what she had to say.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

 Photo Credit: Hampton Morrow Photography

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

My professional career in makeup started with MAC cosmetics in 2004 in New Jersey. Shortly after, I decided to explore the wedding industry. This is going to be my 11th year and it only gets better year after year. I have built so many beautiful friendships throughout the years, which is definitely one of the many perks of my job. I have been in Texas for more than 3 years and I am so blessed to continue to do what I love. Texas has been really good to me and I have had the pleasure to work with some talented wedding industry friends.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Perez Photography

Where are you based and where do you meet with clients?

I am based out of McKinney, TX where I have a spacious studio and schedule my trials/consultations by appointment only.  Generally, I’m on location for the event day.

Why do you think your clients hire you or what are some of the best compliments you’ve received from your clients?

From the initial contact with my clients, I am personable and professional. The best compliments I have received from clients are that they can see my passion and love for my work and that we really work to enhance their natural beauty and features.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Dyan Kethley Photography

 Do you have a funny story to share about a previous event?

Well, being in the wedding industry, you have many laughs with your bride and bridal party. Let’s just say, when a bee flies into a room, this makeup artist will use even tweezers or a brush to protect her bride from a sting!

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Anna Smith Photography

 What do you recommend to your clients to best prepare their skin for the wedding day?

First, I tell my clients to drink plenty of water – at least 8 glasses a day – and to keep their skin well moisturized. The stress level can take a toll on skin appearance. Schedule a facial (especially if it is your first time) 2-3 months out before your wedding day and schedule the last facial the week of the wedding. Avoid any peels or harsh treatments that can irritate your skin on your last facial appointment.  If my clients decide to spray tan, which many of them do, have a trial run at least one month before and then your final spray tan 2-4 days before the wedding day.

Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

Photo Credit: Sara Kate Photography

You can read more about Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo‘s services on their website, or call them at 972.814.7310!