Budgets: Where to Start?

In a previous post, Wendy Kidd (Certified Master Wedding Planner, AACWP, and owner of Each & Every Detail) created this intro for any couple who is sitting down to create their wedding budget and doesn’t know where to start. If that describes you and your significant other, read on!

One of the most popular questions I get asked is how much does a wedding cost?  Many people answer this as a statistic.  For me, I ask in return, what have you budgeted?  Obviously, weddings can be and are expensive.  However, if you plan for an amount that you can afford, any wedding can be made special and unique. 

Need help deciding how much to spend?  The best advice I can give you is to know that the facility and food costs will take up approximately 50-60% of your budget.  From this, you can either work backwards from the budget you’ve prepared (your budget is $30,000, so your budget for food/facility is $15,000), or you can work forward from the amounts you’ve already committed to this category (your food/facility cost is $17,000, so your total budget should be around $34,000).  This helps you to judge how much you have left to spend on all other vendors, such as photographer, DJ, wedding planner, etc.  Remember to prioritize your interests too, so you can spend more on what is important to you.

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