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Orchid Cake - Frosted Art

Bronwen Weber, executive chef at Frosted Art, was on the WE channel tonight.  LOVE her work!  Bronwen says her goal is to make someone look at the cake for more than a second.  If they can continue to look and find something interesting in the cake, she’s accomplished her goal.  I think this is a fabulous way to look at what you want with your cake.  If it’s something YOU would continue to look after more than one second and ENJOY, you’ve found your cake.  Have fun with it ladies!  You do not have to have the traditional 3 tier, round white cake with ribbon.  Find something you love and put it into your cake design!  I’ve never heard of anyone who regretted having a fun cake.

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  1. Kate Mefford
    | Reply

    And how fabulous that that cake matches your blog! =) It’s all about the look, babe!

  2. Gmom
    | Reply

    Now I would have gone for that cake had there been anything that imaginative in my day – colors and all!!

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