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When it comes to food at your reception, there are tons of options on the menu! The style of food service will definitely impact your guests’ perception of the evening – are you going for something elegant and timeless, or more along the lines of fast and fun?  Let’s take a look at some of the common options when thinking about catering and service styles.

(NB: No matter which form of food service you select, be sure to discuss timing with your caterer!  How long will it take to serve, and how does that affect the rest of your evening’s agenda?)


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Passed Hors D’oeuvres 

Maybe you’re thinking you’d like to keep things light!  Passed hors d’oeuvres are a great option for a mid afternoon or brunch reception.  They’re also very popular for cocktail hour.  Small, bite-sized appetizers are passed by tray to guests, who generally are standing and eating.  There’s a tricky balance to achieve, though, between a small but satisfying amount of food and cranky guests.


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This is a very common choice, partially for generally lower price point, and partially for the more relaxed feeling of a buffet. Allowing your guests a choice of entrees, getting everyone on their feet and moving around, and offering the opportunity for seconds really appeals to many couples.  When considering a buffet, be sure to clarify with your caterer:

  • Is the buffet served (i.e., the staff serves each guest, controlling the portion size), or is it self serve?
  • If self serve, is it a one-sided line or a two-sided line?
  • Does the caterer provide china, flatware, and glasses, or do they provide plastic plates and tableware?


Stations are sort of halfway between passed hors d’oeuvres and a buffet.  Bite-sized appetizers are passed to guests, while 2-4 heartier small plate stations are space out around the room.  We wrote a bunch of super detailed info on the pros and cons of stations over here!


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Family Style

We’ve been seeing more and more couple interested in family style dinners.  This allows for a happy medium between a fully set, formal table and a more informal method of service.  Entrees and sides are served to each table, either by placing platters in the center of the table and allowing guests to pass and serve themselves while seated, or by having serving staff offer guests platters of entrees and sides and serve them tableside.  Keep in mind that if you will have platters set in the middle of your table, you need a) small profile centerpieces that leave room on the table for the food and possibly b) larger than standard tables!


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Served or Plated

A served or plated meal is both the most traditional and most formal option for your wedding.  For a particularly lovely touch, some caterers offer service in concert, which is when all of the servers place the plates around the table simultaneously.  Plated meals can offer guests a choice of entrees (in advance, selected when a guest RSVPs) or a duo plate, which combines two entrees on the same plate and eliminates the need for guests to choose.  With a served meal, be sure to discuss with your caterer:

  • How will servers identify which guest has selected which entree?
  • Can the caterer offer special meal plates for vegetarians and guests with allergies?
  • Are there multiple courses?


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Catering by Wolfgang Puck at Union Station

Late Night Snacks

A passed late night snack is always a fun way to ad a little extra flair to your food!  Timing is crucial – you need to have enough time after cake that people get a little snack-y, but not so late that you’ve lost too many guests to eat it.  Late night snacks are often more creative, fun foods, like sliders and fries, street tacos, or donuts.


If you would like to discuss what options for catering would be best for your wedding please contact us!

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