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One unexpected challenge when planning your wedding can be choosing your wedding officiant. With most of the focus going to planning the reception and making it an event to remember, couples sometimes forget about the importance of selecting someone to officially seal the deal. 

The first step to finding your perfect officiant is to decide what kind of ceremony you want to have. Do you want a more traditional ceremony? Do you want it non-religious or religious? You could have what some call a “romantic” ceremony meaning the wording and vows are based on you and your fiance and are hand crafted for you specifically.  (Also, based on the chosen religion, your officiant’s title could be wedding minister, reverend, father / priest, pastor, etc.  We use officiant to generalize.)

Maybe you and your fiance were raised in different religions and aren’t sure how to choose which one to get married in? Don’t rule out the possibility of custom creating a ceremony combining traditions from multiple religions. I was recently visiting with Reverend Arianna Gray and she was telling me of a ceremony she performed where she combined a Christian ceremony with Muslim traditions. Remember anything is possible, you just have to find the right officiant to help you.

Religious ceremony

To begin, try starting by asking friends and family for recommendations and referrals, and start doing your own research online. Check websites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire , see what kind of reviews they are getting. If they have a website check it out, get a feel for that officiants style and personality, learn all you can about them, and make sure they’re certified and experienced.

Second, schedule a consultation. Come prepared with questions and concerns regarding your ceremony. If you have certain family or religious traditions you want to include, make sure to talk about them and ask if they know how to perform them. If not, are they willing to learn about the custom?

Remember you’re looking for a “love match”, don’t settle for someone just because they are in your price range and available. Your officiant is one of the most important people in attendance, they are the ones presiding over the ceremony and saying the words that actually pronounce you man and wife.

Handfasting Ceremony

My personal advice to brides and grooms-to-be is that while it is important to think about your guests and their comfort, ultimately this is you and your fiancé’s wedding and the ceremony should be how you want it to be.

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