Continuing Education of a Wedding Planner

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As you’ve probably figured out from my about page, I’m HUGE into education.  I feel it is part of every wedding planner’s job to keep up their education, about vendors, styles, trends, etiquette, spending habits, etc.  There is so much to learn!  To best serve my clients, I feel it is a huge part of my daily routine to keep educating myself on everything there is to know about this industry.

In that vein, I have recently begun a floral design course at the local community college.  It’s not much, just the basics of floral design and care, but I felt it was important knowledge.  Unfortunately, I’ve had too many instances where the florist did not deliver as promised.  Because of this I’ve had to create boutonnieres on the spot, correct bouquets (including the bride’s!), redo centerpieces and pretty much a lot of stuff that I’ve never been trained to do.  So, now I’m getting some training.  I am NOT trying to be a florist.  However, in the chance case that a bride hires a florist I did not recommend to them, I want to be able to handle those emergency situations.  So for, I’ve learned about basic flower care, how to make a topiary, working a little bit with silks, creating a bud vase arrangement, a standard arrangement and now an arrangement in a pumpkin.  In two weeks I get to start on the wedding stuff, yippee!  In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at what my class has accomplished.




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