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I am a huge fan of wedding websites.  Most guests now a days love this nifty tool that keeps them up to date on the wedding plans as they progress.  I love it because it saves the bride a million phone calls asking her about details such as when is the ceremony, what hotel should people stay at, where are they registered, who are the bridesmaids, etc, etc, etc.  So, in this vein, here is my recommendation for where to go to make your wedding website.

wedding-window-button.gif is a very user friendlly service that not only has great themes and an easy to use interface, it also allows the couple to blog!  What a great way to document your engagement period?  LOVE IT!  Take a look and let me know what you think.  Enjoy!

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    Your blog puts all the others to shame! I have added you to my favorites list!

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