Creating a Space with Unique Rentals

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Often a person’s greatest desire when planning their wedding is that their guests will find it entertaining.  To ensure this, we strategize about the timing of each event, the flow from one event to another, and spend time discussing the line between tons of fun and juvenile kitsch.


Believe it or not, even after all of that careful consideration and the perfect crafting of your guests’ agenda for the day, if a space is visually boring, the guests can still be bored!  How a space is designed can enhance or detract from your guests’ experience.  There are several different elements that make up the design of a space: the floor plan is likely the most obvious to most people, but within that floor plan are several different elements at work: clear paths for obvious travel patterns, easy access to the evening’s necessities like food, drinks, or restrooms, easy wayfinding, and making special areas stand out and attract attention.  Most guests don’t notice these things consciously unless an element isn’t working.  With the help of your planner, the nuts and bolts of the evening will flow seamlessly.


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But accommodating your guests’ needs is the base line of the wedding’s design.  The really tricky bit is finding a way for them to have fun interacting with the space and holding their attention throughout so not a one of them event thinks of leaving early.  To that end, one design element that can easily stand out simultaneously as a conversation piece, a selfie backdrop, and a time-user is the strategic use of unique rental pieces.  What do we mean by “unique rental pieces”?  I’m so glad you asked…


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The easiest of all are pieces that fit a theme.  You guys like to host Texas Hold ‘Em parties on Friday nights?  Great!  Casino tables, a neon sign, and a playing card face-in-hole and you’re set!  Or, since this is Texas, perhaps you’d like your wedding to look and feel like a garden party without the sticky heat the state is prone to.  Fantastic!  Big white umbrellas over the bars, boxwood hedges as backdrops or dividers, or a tailored bar front will make everyone think a derby is about to begin.  (We could go on…  Have you seen these rad vintage pinball machines?)


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If “themed” isn’t really your style, you can still incorporate interesting pieces that will be sure to stand out.  Glowing orbs adding additional light wherever they’re used are both cool and functional.  Wooden slat panels create texture and add a dynamic effect to a space while giving you the option of manipulating your floor plan.  We’re not sure the level of perceived and actual comfort and opportunity for color story reinforcement can be overstated with the often-overlooked use of accent pillows.


Whatever your wedding’s style, when choosing to spend any portion of your budget on unique items, be sure to draw guests notice with adequate lighting and placement in the floor plan.  A dark rental is usually a wasted rental.  Besides definitely not being classified as “boring,” these welcome additions can double as a time filler for those guests whose attention is easily distracted, or for whom the pacing of the event – despite yours and your planner’s most diligent efforts – is too sedate.  You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you can mitigate the monotony and maximize your photo ops with some well-chosen and unique rentals!

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