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Hello, and good day to all! Planner Sarah, back to extol the glory of another wedding design trend.

Now, gentle reader, I have to confess something. One of my personal pet peeves is cookie-cutter design. Style is individual, and your wedding should reflect both of your individual styles and who you are as a couple. Apparently a lot of you agree with me, because a current design trend is all about the personalization of your wedding. (Hurray!)

Why it works: As a guest, it’s so lovely to walk into a wedding and be reminded of your friend/sister/daughter/son/father/mother/brother everywhere you turn. Placing personal touches throughout the ceremony and reception keeps reminding your guests why they’re celebrating, and how great you are for each other!

How to use it: This one requires a bit of creativity – or not! It all depends on who you are and what you like to do. A personalized cake topper is a great way to showcase what you like to do together, or even what your individual professions are. Do you like riding bicycles? Consider making your getaway on one, or using a vintage bike as décor, with some floral or a stuffed animal that looks like your dog in the basket. Are you avid readers? Books and their various related pieces – like bookmarks, reading glasses, library cards, shelving – are easy to use in décor, escort cards, bar backs, favors, and more. Perhaps you met while online gaming (gaming station, anyone?), or at the same alma mater (built-in color scheme), or on a cruise in the Bahamas (beachy elements abound). Perhaps you’ve both chosen a vegan lifestyle (custom menu). Perhaps your big passion in life is giving back to your community (accept donations to your favorite charities in lieu of gifts).

The important part of personalization is making sure the entire event feels like “you” (both of you) in all things. The same kind of flowers he brings you just because it’s Tuesday. Your favorite dessert she makes you for your birthday every year. Don’t be afraid to be overtly sentimental, or funky and fun – this is your day to celebrate the two of you!

Until next time, my Sirens of Specificity!

Planner Sarah

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