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Greetings!  It’s Planner Sarah, back on the blog with some natural, festive, colorful beauty for your reading pleasure.

You may have noticed already if your life has been overrun by Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, like mine, but a HUGE design trend this year is Boho Romance.  It exploded onto the scene last year, and it’s still going strong!

Why it works: Have you seen it?!  It’s ALL THE PRETTY.  This trend works because it’s over the top in a more natural way than Opulent Tradition, and the layering of elements makes the design warm and inviting.

How to use it: Well.  First you have to decide how you’d like it to skew.  “Boho” is short for “Bohemian,” as in people from Bohemia.  The image we think of when we imagine a “gypsy” is what most people associate with folks from Bohemia.  The truth is not so simple, and we have the movies to thank for our current gypsy stereotype, but if you’re looking to create the Boho Romance style, Eastern European is a legitimate way it can skew.  Another way is to have it skew more Indian or Moroccan, and another Native American.  The commonality here is that the culture the design pulls from is one that is in touch with nature, uses the natural surroundings, and typically utilizes eclectic décor.  My Pro Tip to keep the overall effect from looking like a mess is to identify the way you want it to look and hold fast.  There are TONS of inspirational images you can find online and in magazines, so make sure you’re not sidetracked by the pretty things in a different kind of Boho Romance than you chose.

Boho Romance is easy to accomplish, warm to experience, and if you can pick the right venue, it’ll be a breeze to design!

Until next time, my Earthy Army!

Planner Sarah


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