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NACE Color Me a Cure 2013

Hello! Planner Sarah here. My fave, fave, FAVE thing to do is design. I’m always designing: outfits, rooms, weddings… You name it, it’s running through my head. They’ve given me leave here at EED to write a monthly blog about wedding design trends, and I’m thrilled! (For real!)

My absolute tops trend-of-the-moment is COLOR! More and more couples are choosing to eschew the neutral palettes of the last few years and layer in unabashed amounts of color.

Why it works: Bold color gives interest to even low-cost elements included in the wedding décor, so this is an easy way to punch up your design without spending any more money (usually – more on that later). Also, color greatly contributes to mood, so it’s an effective way to subtly influence what kind of experience your guests have at your event!

How to use it: So, so many ways…

– Floral (see it here) – This has been the most common element for bringing in color to date. If you’d like to step it up a notch, consider using all one color family (pinks, yellows, oranges) in all the floral décor.

Linens (see it here and here) – Another area with a large amount of real estate, in terms of visual impact, is the table linens. You can move through the room keeping it all one color, or you can mix it up, with a color for each shape of table, or on specialty tables like the cake and sweetheart tables. Take note: linens provided by venues or catering companies are usually white or black. If you choose to have colored or specialty linens (think lace overlays, sequins, ruffles, or patterns/prints), there is normally an increased charge.

Chairs (see it here and here) – An underutilized element is the chairs! Whether covering basic banquet chairs with a slip or sash, or renting colorfully painted Chiavaris, it’s a ring of color around each table that’s unexpected and covered when your guests are seated, so go as bold as you please!

Décor – Banners, bunting, photo frames, signage, menus, backdrops, napkin rings, chargers, ribbon, pillows, lounge furniture, pashminas, favors…

Stationery (here and, yep, here) – This may be the most thematically effective place to add a lot of color. It’s the very first time your guests get to see anything related to your wedding, so don’t be shy about introducing your color scheme or theme in the Save The Date or Invitation suite.

Dress (here, here, and here) – For a truly bold look, put the color where all eyes will be: on the happy couple! Specialty suits and colored wedding gowns are definitely out there (And who says your gown has to be a “wedding gown”?). If you’d like the color without quite that level of commitment, instead dress up your wedding party, and consider bright accessories for the both of you!

However you choose to let your color flag fly, don’t be scared! As long as the colors you choose reflect the kind of personalities you guys have, your guests will feel right at home celebrating the two of you in style.

Until next time, my Denizens of Design!

Planner Sarah


Top photo courtesy of Crystal Williamson Photography

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