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Howdy, folks! Planner Sarah, arriving on your monitors again to inform and inspire with a great wedding design trend.

Well, this is less a trend and more a movement, I think… Farm-to-table menus arrived on the scene a few years ago and enjoyed a prosperous time, then quietly faded into the background. But fear not, my culinarily-minded friends! It’s back, and you, too, can benefit from the freshness.

Why it works: How can you argue with fresh, local food? You can’t! It’s delicious and good for the local economy. Now, farm-to-table menus can be presented in any manner, from the poshest of turn-outs to the most humble of meals. It works as a wedding design because you can easily play up this connection to nature beyond the menu selection.

How to use it: The farm-to-table movement has always been about getting back to the basics of living life directly from the land and remaining connected to the world around you. You can reflect this sentiment in your design by sitting at farm tables, outside, if possible. You can create a menu card that details which farms and growers the guests’ food came from. You can even have the wedding – or at least the reception – at an actual farm or barn, or even an urban rooftop garden. Keep your décor simple, and use natural fiber materials wherever you need fabric (napkins, runners, backdrops, linens). This style also lends itself very well to a neutral color scheme, but there are lots of natural dye colors, so color needn’t be banished entirely! Like other styles of décor, this is one that can be dressed up or down, depending on what speaks best to the type of personal styles of you and your fiancé. If you’re into a more traditional feel, monogramming linen napkins lends a sophisticated air to the place settings. If you’re after a more casual evening, try hosting the dinner family-style so that guests serve themselves from platters and bowls of food, just like you do at home.

TIP – If you do set up shop outdoors, remember to incorporate enough lighting to ensure you and your guests can see the spectacular cuisine and each other throughout the night. You also might want to replace a few tabletop candles with those of the bug repellent variety.

True farm-to-table menus might be difficult to find in your area, but the effort is worth the payoff when you can dine in style knowing you’ve aided local growers and done your body good while you were at it.

Until next time, my Conscious Community!

Planner Sarah

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