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And a happy day to you, dear Reader! Planner Sarah here to talk yet another trend in wedding design.

Since flowers are pretty much my favorite things ever (next to cake, of course), I’m super excited to see floral motifs gaining such traction in weddings! Why stop with your bouquets and centerpieces?

Why it works: Flowers have long been the language of love. Weddings are celebrations of two people’s love for each other. That makes floral motifs a natural (ahem) fit, especially for the couple that are looking to be unashamedly romantic, or have a vintage theme. (Mix-and-match vintage floral tea cups, saucers, and towels, anyone?)

How to use it: Beyond an increase in flower usage, consider having a drawn or painted floral wreath incorporated into your stationery design, or hand painted flowers on your cake. Might as well go all the way and don floral dresses and ties, and add an individual bud to each place setting. While you’re at it, go ahead and string together stems and greenery to hang above your special locations (sweetheart table, cake table, ceremony, dance floor). Are flower backdrops a thing? They need to be a thing.

TIP – Flower Power is a strong force, so make sure if you use an abundance of actual floral in your décor that you try to select blooms that aren’t overly strong in their scents – some guests are very sensitive to floral smells and they won’t be in a very celebratory mood with a pounding headache.

However you choose to incorporate this trend into your nuptials, you’re sure to make even the most jaded sigh in delight at Nature’s beauty all around them.

Until next time, my Fragrant Filials!

Planner Sarah

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