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Amy Karp Photography Out of the Garden floral halo

Photo courtesy of Amy Karp Photography

Well, helloooooo! It’s Planner Sarah, writing once again to turn the spotlight up. Literally.

A big trend these days is to hang things from the ceiling! (Why should tabletops get all the attention, amiright?)

Why it works: It’s just good space planning to include the floor beneath your feet and the roof over your head in your design, generally speaking. Specifically, hanging décor, signage, or floral from above gives dimension to your space, making your guests experience the room differently than if everything were head-height or lower.

How to use it: Pretty much exactly how it sounds: hang things. Now, this could be a problem with your venue’s rules, or you’ve chosen a venue with very high ceilings, and it’s logistically impossible for you to get a ladder (or scaffolding) into the space to reach it. If that’s the case, this is not the trend for you to explore. But if you’ve got access, reach for the sky! Suspending signage can be as easy way for many people to see the same thing at once and not be blocked by the mass of humanity in front of them. So that would make seating charts or welcome signs a good choice for this. You may want all your peeps to see a montage or video of your engagement or relationship highlights, or perhaps pinprick lights slowly twinkling overhead would emulate the night sky and that fits your theme. Then again, there’s always the good ol’ standby reason: Because I Want To (one of my personal faves). A halo of greenery above a sweetheart table or cake table is an easy way to indicate that something special is happening below that point. Is your tabletop too crowded with food and candles and glassware for centerpieces? Hang them above the tables instead of trying to create space where there isn’t any!

Drawing the eye upward will give you a complete experience of the room, and create interest in the space. Just be sure not to block a sightline to an Exit!

Until next time, my Swinging Societals!

Planner Sarah

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  1. Candis
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    Love this! This trend will be at my wedding via ceiling draping with twinkle lights. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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