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Mixed metallics centerpiece Each and Every Detail

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Bonjour, mes amis! Planner Sarah, back to chit-chat about another current wedding design trend sure to get those creative juices flowing.

Regardless of your intent, metallic elements find their ways into your wedding. Most traditional style rules will tell you not to mix them up, but I say nay! Mix them purposefully, gleefully, even!

Why it works: Besides allowing you the best of all color schemes, it lends a casual feel to even the most formal of table settings. The warmth of copper and rose gold do well to offset the elegant tradition of silver and gold.

How to use it: Metallics can be incorporated into anything at all. Tablescapes can be created with linens, chargers, decorated plates, flatware, metal-rimmed glassware, even candles! Foil stamping can be used on stationery, menus, place cards, and table numbers. Bakers are also on top of this trend, with metallic edible paint they can use to highlight your cake(s) or cover them completely. Bridesmaid dresses are more available in metallic colors now, and you could easily utilize non-wedding-specific formalwear for a bride’s gown, or simply add an abundance of metallic accessories.

This gorgeous, shimmery trend is so versatile it can be glammed up or casually fun, so bend these metals to your whim and make them shine for you!

Until next time, my Gilded Greats!

Planner Sarah

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