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Hello again! Planner Sarah back to highlight another wedding design trend that’ll knock your socks off!

Opulent tradition is the name given to it, and it consists of oodles of Old World grandeur, spilling over into every detail of the design. Think Versailles and Buckingham Palace, but your wedding.

Why it works: Traditions keep us connected to our history as societies, and throwing a party with dinner, entertainment, and all guests and hosts dressed to the nines is an ancient one. While ‘traditional’ isn’t a style that’s everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no doubt that amping up the details to let your design qualify as opulently traditional will impress all those in attendance.

How to use it: The key word to remember in this one is “opulent.” If you don’t go the extra mile in the detailing and layering, the style is simply traditional (which is great, just not opulent). You’re going to want to make sure you don’t stop at one element in décor, but layer them in, one of top of the other. There is really no detail too small in this scheme, nothing too insignificant to be addressed. This is where you want to let your conservative side have a seat: more is more. Some elements that define this style are: five arm candelabras, draped silk, gold everything, ornate detailing (think rococo era), hand-written calligraphy, tall ceilings, wide tables with lots of space per guest, crystal chandeliers, neutral color schemes, copious amounts of flowers and food and wine… You likely get the picture. What’s nice about this scheme is that it can be glammed up really easily with a lot of sparkle and glitz, or it can be toned down with interesting patinas and textures.

Any way you slice it, this is an expensive and over-the-top choice, and the fact that it’s a current design trend shows how far our economy has bounced back. So go forth and layer on the glam!

Until next time, my Glitzy Gods and Goddesses!

Planner Sarah

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