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Hello, hello! Welcome back! Planner Sarah here to help you think trés cool design thoughts this very hot August.

Technology. We love it, and we hate it – especially in the wedding industry! While we don’t want John Q Guest getting his iPhone-wielding self in the way of the professional photographers, there are ways to utilize technology, old and new, to make the most of this Information Age!

Why it works: Technology is all about convenience. Etiquette is all about making people comfortable. The best news is that they’re not mutually exclusive! Adding tech elements to the design of your night seriously raises the cool factor and invites guests to think you’re cutting edge and modern (even if that is hilariously not the case).

How to use it: Besides the obvious, tried-and-true hashtag for all posts made from the event, you could also safely stay in the box by showing a slideshow or video – especially during cocktail hour – or utilize your lighting by having it sync to change colors with the music during the dancing portion of the evening. If you want to up the ante in the tech department, incorporate 3-D printed décor (from cake toppers to favors) or have an integrated projection on your wedding cake or dress! If that’s a bit much, more practical suggestions would be to use a drone or hidden camera for more candid coverage of your guests (Pro-Tip: be careful of the noise when choosing when to use a drone), or designate someone to Periscope the wedding for friends and family who couldn’t make it.

Technology is constantly evolving, and if you can dream it, I’ll bet there’s someone somewhere who can build it, so let your imagination run wild and let today’s tech-saavy world elevate your and your guests’ wedding experience!

Until next time, my Intelligent Inhabitants!

Planner Sarah

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