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Hello, hello!  It’s Planner Sarah, back with another design trend that’ll make you stand up and cheer.

With a lot of weddings each season, brides and grooms want to stand out from the pack, so it’s no wonder the Theatrical Theme is trending.  In a lot of respects weddings play out like theatre for those who are watching – and those who are planning!  There are main characters, sets, props, special costumes, supporting cast, and even crew members working behind the scenes.  And, of course, an audience to cheer each accomplishment throughout the day.  Why not play it up and really go all out with your chosen theme?

Why it works: Everyone enjoys a spectacle, and there is no other time in your life where you are the expected and celebrated center of attention quite the same as on your wedding day.  Guests like to come away not just with the memory of seeing some of their favorite people being wed, but also having experienced the evening.  And – really talk – how many weddings have you attended that you wished would just end already because you were bored? A theatrically themed wedding is about as far away from boring as you can get!

How to use it: If “go big or go home” is your personal motto, then this trend is probably your natural inclination anyway.  Having a theatrical theme doesn’t actually mean theming your wedding around theater (though you certainly could).  It’s about taking a theme and running with it – so much so that no element of the night isn’t touched by it.  If your theme was centered around the French rococo era and Marie Antoinette is your style icon, then the theatrical way to approach the theme would be to hold the wedding in a location that’s as close to Versailles as you can get in your area (or truly go all out and hold a destination wedding to insure it!), give out lace hand fans to the women and masks to the men.  Make the wedding fancy-dress and require an era-appropriate costume for attendees.  Serve croquembouche and petit fours instead of wedding cake, and make everything that’s not gilded pastel. Hire a performer to wear a wine glass skirt for cocktail hour, and a small orchestra to lead you and your guests through the group dancing in true courtly fashion with chamber music and pattern dancing.  And candelabras should abound!

The point, no matter the elements you choose to highlight, is that there is no ambiguity about the wedding’s theme when it’s applied theatrically.  It’s like a regular theme that’s been turned up to 11.  As you’d imagine, this one is not for the faint of heart or the light of pocket, but when done right, it’s an experience you – and your guests – will never forget!

Until next time, my Dramatic Division!

Planner Sarah

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