Designing Your Wedding: Color, Feeling, Motif

You’re engaged!  Congratulations!  Now what?  If you’ve just begun the wedding planning process, chances are you’re still sorting through the myriad options available to you for all sorts of details: venue selection, guest lists, vendor selection, budget creation, etc.  Of course you could hire a wonderful wedding planning team like Each & Every Detail to assist you with the whole shebang (wink-wink), but in case you want to tackle the process yourself, we’d like to give you some hints on finding a way to begin.

Choosing a design for your wedding can assist you in all other aspects of planning, and keep a cohesive look to the finished product.  A design helps set a loose (or not-so-loose) boundary for both you and your vendors, which can greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of the planning process.  If you haven’t been the person mentally planning your wedding since you were five years old, creating a wedding design can seem intimidating, so we’ve laid out some of the different approaches you could use to begin, in a three-part series.  Happy designing!


It really can be as easy as picking a color scheme and running with it.  Take yours and your fiance’s favorite colors, throw in an accent color to tie them together, and you’ve got a solid design starting point!  You met in college and are rabid fans of your alma mater?  A tweak of your school colors could make for a lovely party, with the added bonus of being an homage to the place you met.  Fashionistas could take inspiration from the runways, and Frequent Fliers from their favorite places.

Pro Tip: Get a few paint chip cards in your colors to give to your vendors (these are free at most hardware stores).  Color is subjective – especially color names – and handing over a swatch in exactly the shade you want will take a lot of guesswork out of the equation.


If the color scheme is less important to you than creating a specific atmosphere, it might be best to instead begin by identify the feeling you want your ceremony and celebration to impart.  Identifying how you want your day to feel can dictate everything from which venue you select to which flowers are chosen for a bouquet.  Watchwords for this could be Romantic and Dream-like, Traditional and Classic, Fun and Funky, Sweet and Sentimental, or a hundred other adjectives.  Words that describe who the two of you are as a couple work well for this approach.

Pro Tip: Try to keep an open mind when using this approach as a design touchstone.  What constitutes “romantic” design for you may not be what your vendor imagines.  Combining this approach with another, like Color or Motif, can help narrow the field.  Also, pictures really are worth a thousand words.

chemistry of love theme wedding invitation
photo credit: Hiram Trillo Photography


Is there some design element that’s always spoken to you?  Is your home filled with soft edges and round tables?  Have you always had a lucky horseshoe nailed above a door?  Has the Greek key pattern always reminded you of your heritage?  These small elements can have major design impact for your wedding.  They can easily be represented in your paper goods, your favors, your accessories, and even in your lighting!

Pro Tip: Take an example (or several) of your inspirational motif shopping with you, and to your vendor meetings.  Your vendors will love you.

Check back on September 11th to see how starting with a Theme can help you, too!

We love hearing from you!  How did you design your wedding?  What design elements did you use?  Let us know in the comments!

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