Designing Your Wedding: Theme

chemistry of love theme wedding invitation
photo credit: Hiram Trillo Photography

Second in a three part series on where to begin when designing your wedding, here is an overview of another place to start:


Do you have a penchant for French food and fashion? Perhaps a Marie Antoinette-inspired fete is the best match for you. Are you just a couple of giant kids playing your way down the Midway of Life? Let a carnival theme set the tone. Can the two of you quote the old classics endlessly? A night of old Hollywood glamour would be just the thing to usher in your new life together. As long as the theme you choose fits who the two of you are, it will feel exactly right to you and your guests.

Pro Tip: Choosing a theme for your wedding day presents the broadest opportunity for interpretation for you, and for your vendors. That can be a pro and a con. If you have any specific ideas about what parts of your theme you love most, bring examples or lists to discuss with vendors making design decisions. If you have an open mind, your vendors can bring a lot to the table you may not have thought about, but if there are any details you don’t want, like you’re not sweet on cotton-candy pink, speak up!

Check back next week to see the final overview entry on where to begin when designing your wedding.

We love hearing from you! How did you design your wedding? What design elements did you use? Let us know in the comments!

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