Dress to Impress – Mothers

Bride and mom prepping for weddingFinding the right dress as a mother of the bride or the groom can be challenging!  What styles are appropriate?  Should you match the bridal party?  Where do you find some good options?  We’ve got some tips for you to help with your search!

1.  Consider Your Surroundings

When choosing a style, keep in mind the setting for the wedding.  The right outfit for a garden wedding in May is probably not the same as the right outfit for a formal reception in December.  Consider fabrics, styles, and colors that will fit with both the season and the environment.  For example, if you’re an always-cold and the reception is in a hotel ballroom in summer, plan to be chilly and select an outfit with a light jacket or wrap.

2.  Ask the Bride

It’s always worth checking in with the bride before you start shopping.  She may request that you stay away from a certain style or color so that her formal family photos will look balanced.  Take her advice under consideration and, if she’s extremely detail-oriented when it comes to fashion, consider inviting her to shop with you.

3.  Be You

You’ve been buying your own clothes for years – you know what you can pull off and what just won’t work!  Be true to your own style, and select something comfortable and flattering.  Consider your shoes as well – your length preference may change if you know that you’ll need to wear flats to tackle a grassy aisle.

4.  Talk to Your Counterpart

Have the bride open a line of communication between you and the other mother(s), so that you can discuss your color selections and style to make sure that you balance each other out well.  Sequins on one side and a sundress on the other may look odd in photos.

5.  Local Resources

Live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area?  Here are some of our favorite places to shop:

Stardust Celebrations has a top notch staff and a wide selection of options on wedding attire

– The Nordstrom Wedding Suite offers a wide variety or formal and cocktail wear.  A great choice if the bride lives in a different city, because you can buy options and return whatever doesn’t work at any time with no penalties.

Neiman Marcus also has a wide selection of formal and cocktail wear appropriate for weddings.  The downtown Dallas location is home to the Bridal Salon, where you can find expert help on selecting the right outfit.

Lewisville Bridal Boutique has a wide selection of options to try on in the store


Photo courtesy of Ben Q Photography

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