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One of those little details that can creep up on you during the last month or two of wedding prep is favors.  Oh, favors.  Favors can be super cute, super fun, and super personalized… buuuuut favors can also be an added expense that don’t actually enhance your day.  So before you start crafting or canning, ask yourself: a) will my guests genuinely enjoy this favor?  b) will creating these favors add to my stress level unnecessarily?  c) do these favors authentically reflect our interests as a couple?  If after consideration, you’d like to go ahead, read on for some of our tips on what to choose!

How Many?

The rate of use on favors depends on what you’re handing out.  Food items tend to be the most popular.  However, it’s fairly rare that each guest will actually take home a favor.  Consider budgeting for one per couple or two per family.  Usually that will still leave you with some leftovers!

Food Items

This is our number one most suggested option for favors.  Guests can partake immediately or take home to enjoy later, depending on how it’s presented.  Also, food can be carried in an unchecked bag for your out of town guests.  There’s quite a bit of room for creativity within the food category as well – consider using a local product, something that you and your partner both enjoy, or a cute personalized item that fits into your theme or color palette.  If you enjoy cooking, you can also whip up something yourself, like the spice mix for your famous chili, along with the recipe!

Liquid Items

Generally some sort of beverage, liquid favors are *almost* as high on our list as food favors, except that they’re mostly too large to carry on to an airplane.  If you’d like to do a favor involving alcohol, honey, soap, oils, or other liquids, try and keep it below the 3 ounce limit for the plane for the convenience of your out of town guests!  Also, with alcohol favors, please confirm with your venue that those can be handed out or placed for guests to pick up on their own without breaking the local liquor laws.

Handcrafted Items

Handcrafted items, while certainly the most thoughtful and time consuming to create, are sadly the least appreciated and least used favors.  Consider carefully the overall usefulness of the items in question before launching a DIY workshop to craft a slew of favors that aren’t super versatile.  Handmade favors the go over the best might include candles and matches.


We see a lot of the mason jar mug favors from our rustic brides.  They’re super cute as escort cards and glasses for the evening, but please do be prepared for many of them not to make it home with guests!  We find that at the end of the night, we do end up sending about half of these home, or even throwing some away!


Booking an extra service as a favor can be a great option!  It enhances the wedding day experience and lets guests take something home, without leaving you with leftovers!  Photo booths, caricature artists, espresso bars or snack stations at the valet… All of these can add that extra special touch to your evening with you having to create anything yourself!

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    i love the idea of handmade favors, but I also think the service-as-favor is a great idea too. For example, the espresso bars or snack stations would be great because weddings tire people out. It would be a good idea to have snacks on hand. Thanks for the great ideas, I’ll keep these in mind!

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