Florist criteria

Your florist is one of the most crucial vendors you choose, yet I feel most brides pick their florist without looking at qualifications, references or even portfolios.  Florists are key to framing the look and style of your wedding, so please be careful!  Most brides choose their florist by word of mouth references, which is a great tool, but is not the only criteria one should look at.  Here are a few items that are important to myself when evaluating a florist:

wedding-bouquet-from-bride-bloom.jpgExperience – How long has the florist been doing this and how much of their business comes from weddings?  Many florists offer wedding services, but this may not be their main interest or priority.  You want a florist to WANT to make your wedding special.

Creativity – When you look at their portfolio, do you see the same thing over and over?  Is it simply a book from 1800Flowers? Or is it pictures from the weddings they’ve done?  Are there fun, creative and unique ideas or is it only traditional items?  If you want something different and unique, you want a florist who has done something different in the past.  This shouldn’t be their first attempt at something new.

Proposal – Your florist should have a written proposal to explain their offer.  The proposal should include specific flowers to be used, possibly a sketch of the most important items, and specific pricing and payment terms.  This is for both you and your florist to know what the expectations are and is your main communication tool. 

Curiousity – Your florist should be curious!  They should ask questions such as:  What does your dress look like?  Where are you getting married and what is it like?  What’s your favorite flower?  What flowers do you not like?  If they aren’t asking you questions, they are not going to put together something that is meaningful to you and it may not even fit the surroundings.

Florists are wonderfully creative people and I think you’ll find most fit these criteria.  Word of mouth is still the best way to find your florist, but these tools will help you to narrow down your choices. 

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