Flowers by the Numbers, Part 1


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We love a table full of floral!  Flowers can be such a wow(!) factor element, for any table or any color scheme.  They’re often a subject of contention when it comes to budgeting, though, because they can get pricey quickly and they don’t last long.  Today, we’ll take a look at some basics tips and pointers on how to budget effectively for your floral, so that the sticker shock won’t be so bad.

NOTE – Any prices below are a rough average, and can vary WILDLY depending on season, type of flower(s), weather cycle, size, shape, style, and geographic location of your wedding.  Please don’t take these numbers as gospel.

When you’re looking at your floral budget, you’re going to want to think about 4 separate chunks: the personal flowers, the ceremony decor, the reception decor, and the service.

Personal Flowers

Personal flowers are floral items that go on or are carried by people.  We’re talking bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, the whole nine yards.  When you’re budgeting for floral, you definitely want to have an idea of the number of people you’ll be putting flowers on – for example, will you be doing flowers for the grandparents, readers, house party…?  Here are the main items to consider:

  • Bride’s bouquet – This is always going to be a big ticket item in your floral list because it’s one of the more noticeable elements of the day!  A bride’s bouquet can run anywhere from $150 to $350, typically, depending on the size, type of flowers, style, etc.
  • Bridesmaid bouquets – Quantity can make a big difference here.  A smaller bridal party can definitely help with this.  Bridesmaid bouquets, if they’re similar in flower choice and style to the bride’s, run about half the cost.
  • Boutonnieres – These are the little flowers pinned to a guy’s lapel.  Think about your numbers – groom, groomsmen (or bridesmen), fathers, grandfathers, ushers, ring bearers, officiant, anyone else.  Think $15ish for each one.
  • Corsages – The female version of a boutonniere.  Moms, grandmothers, house party ladies, any other female relatives or friends you’d like to honor.  These can be worn on the wrist or as a pin on version.  Some mothers are now carrying small bouquets called posies or nosegays.  Generally, plan on $15-$35 per item.

Ceremony Decor

Ceremony decor is going to be regulated by where your ceremony takes place.  Churches and other houses of worship will have specific rules regarding what can be brought in, how much, how it can be hung or displayed, and whether it can be taken at the end of the ceremony or must be donated to the church.  In general, though, with the ceremony you want to consider your backdrop and your aisle.

  • Backdrop – Your venue may have a built-in backdrop, such as an arch or a gazebo.  You may want to add a special piece, like vintage doors or a carved cross, which may only be obtainable from a rental company.  These rentals might stand alone and replace the cost of your floral, or you may choose to add floral to them to make them better fit your look.  The ceremony backdrop pricing can vary wildly, depending on your taste, style, and quantity of floral.
  • Aisle – Aisle decor can come in several different styles.  An outdoor aisle might be enhanced by petals or aisle markers.  In a church or indoor venue, you might consider pew markers tied to the seating pieces.  Consider the length of your aisle and the number of rows when planning your floral.  Again, pricing swings quite precipitously depending on your choices.

Check back for part two of our floral budgeting tips and tricks later this week!

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