Friend vs. Wedding Planner

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Since we get asked this question a lot, we decided to discuss the differences between hiring a professional wedding planner and having a friend coordinate your big day.


One of the biggest differences is that a professional wedding planner is just that, professional and experienced. Unless your friend is a professional event planner, they may be just as new to the wonderful world of weddings as you are. A professional wedding planner has relationships with vendors and knows what to ask and what to expect from them so that there are no bumps in the road. And if problems do arise, your wedding planner will know exactly what to do to fix them. If the floral arrives, the day of, and is completely wrong or the cake frosting starts to bubble, will your friend know what to do? Professional wedding planners know the tricks of the trade, are knowledgeable about pricing, how to get more bang for your buck and sometimes they know of vendor deals that a lay person may not be aware of.


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Another difference between a professional wedding planner and a friend is that when you hire a wedding planner, you’re paying for their dedicated service. Their main focus is to keep you on track, whether it’s helping you manage your budget, coordinate meetings with your vendors, or just be a friendly ear to listen to you vent about your frustrations for the 50th time.  Your friend may have a full time job, a family and other social obligations to work around.


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Professional wedding planners are ok with being the bad guy. Dealing with stressed out brides is what they do, so they won’t have any qualms about telling you that the centerpieces you pinned on Pinterest just aren’t in your budget and dealing with any emotional fall out. Your friend, being emotional invested, may not have the heart to tell you or even realize that you can’t afford those centerpieces. These types of conversations could put a strain on an otherwise happy relationship.


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And last but not least, who wants their friend to work on their wedding day? Your friend should be enjoying the day with you and not stressed out and worried as the hired help. A wedding planner will focus on you, allowing your family and friends to share the love and laughter of your special day.


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