Honeymoon Registries

Many of our couples have asked us what to register for if they already have what they need.  Some of them have already been out of college for a while, so they have the typical furnishings you include on a wedding registry.  (Towels, dishes, etc) Especially when you are combing households, it can seem a little pointless to register at JC Penney or Target.  While we still encourage everyone to register at some of the familiar places (surely there’s something at Target you want!), we LOVE Honeymoon Registries.

Honeymoon registries allow you to register for either items on your honeymoon or cash towards your honeymoon.  For example, someone might want to get you some champagne and strawberries one night, or maybe a horseback ride on the beach one day.  Or maybe they just want to make the trip a little easier and send some cash your way.  Great, huh?  Not only that, but you can dictate what goes on your registry, so if your allergic to horses (I am), maybe you don’t have that as an option.

Another sneaky bonus of honeymoon registries is that often, you just get the cash for these items!  So while your guests think they are buying you a massage, you really are getting the cash to spend as you please.  Who doesn’t mind cash?

So, are you ready to set up your honeymoon registry yet?  Click here to visit the site we recommend:  rovia.honeymoonwishes.com

Happy registering and enjoy the honeymoon!

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