How does a wedding planner save you money?

money.jpgThe number one question I get from the key person who is paying for the wedding is:  “Will you save me money?”  (Yes, it is usually either dad or the groom.)  The answer is whole-heartedly YES!  How do I do it?  Here are the big three ways:

 1.  Negotiation – One of the largest portions of my education is simply knowing what products and services are out there, who the best vendors are and how to negotiate with them.  I will absolutely save you money by making sure that you are not only getting what you want, but you are getting it for a fair price.  We will negotiate for exactly what you want and get it for the best deal possible (taking quality into account of course). 

2.  Prevent overspending – I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen brides come in my door (that have not hired me yet) with a contract for something they paid an outrageous price for because they simply did not know what to expect.  Or, they have overspent on a category that is going to cost them something else they truly wanted.  If you hire me at the beginning, I can help you outline that budget and stick to it!  The only reason you will overspend while working with me is if you have not consulted me or did not take my advice.   We will prioritize the items you are spending your hard-earned money on so you do not leave out that one crucial item (like a horse carriage) because you did not know how much it was going to cost or how to plan for it.

3.  Saving you time – We all know that time is money.  (If you don’t know this, then you just don’t realize how much your own personal time is worth.)  In working with me (or any wedding planner worth her salt), you get to cut out all that time you would spend on comparing prices and services, interviewing vendors, searching for the perfect place, making to-do lists and simply just stressing about if you forgot something for the big day.  Trust me, this can be (and usually is) a full time job.  If you are already working, going to school or are a stay-at-home mom, do you really want a second full-time gig?

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