Introducing Our New Planners!

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Big changes have been underway at Each and Every Detail the last month or so, and we’re so excited to be able to talk about them now!  We are so pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our fabulous staff to include Brooke Millis!  We sat down and did a little Q&A chat, so that you could get to know them in their own words.


EED: We’ll start with the big question – why wedding planning?

Brooke Millis

Brooke: The reason I think wedding planning is so special is that a wedding really is a culmination of so many little choices a couple makes during their relationship and their planning process, in a way corporate and fundraising events never can be.  All of those little decisions, whether they’re about color schemes or picking a meal or debating over your favors, always add up to the one big thing everyone is there to celebrate: the decision to create a new family.  And that’s amazing to me.



EED: Tell us about your professional background.

Brooke: I’ve been working on events for six years and eventually found my way into the wedding industry in 2011. I completed an internship with Each and Every Detail that year.  Afterwards, I started working as a planner for a local venue – I’ve been there nearly a year, and have coordinated and assisted at over 50 weddings in the past few months.  My degree is actually in international relations, and I spent time working with a non-profit based in Washington, DC and running programs throughout South Asia.  Fun fact – I actually have wedding photos from every country I worked in other than Afghanistan!


EED: Now, the good stuff.  Cake or frosting?

Brooke: Frosting.  No doubt.  Especially the fun ones, like chocolate chip cookie and salted caramel.  YUM.


EED: When you’re sitting on the couch, what else are you doing?

Brooke:  Reading, usually.  I read a lot of books – a lot!  I’m also a big movie girl, especially heist and con job films.  Recently, Joy has been luring me onto Pinterest with her schemingly-fabulous pinning.  Danger!


EED: Last one.  Would you hire a planner for your own wedding?

Brooke: I would, especially if the wedding wasn’t in this area.  I’m sure whichever planner I work with will either be ecstatic or very, very concerned about my love of spreadsheets, though.  They are nigh unending.