It's a zoo out there…

Last week I had the pleasure of touring and lunching at the Dallas World Aquarium with Kellye Hollis, the aquarium’s catering manager.  I love the Dallas World Aquarium.  It’s such a fun place, and excuse me for being girly, but they have so many CUTE animals there!  I just love the tiny orange monkeys, the sweet penguins, noisy otters and while I don’t think many would describe them as cute, the wondrous manatees.  I’ve been there many times, but when I was invited by Kellye to come check out their event spaces, I just couldn’t wait!  I’d never toured there since becoming a wedding planner, so I’d never really seen it from that perspective.  So off I went, of course with my camera in tow.

We started out entering from the side street, which is a grand entrance as you can see above, entering into the penguin exhibit.  (Yes, that’s little white speck on the rock is a penguin.)  Guests can enter here from the valet entrance and proceed into the Reef room by going through the spectacular underwater tunnel you see below.  They can even have a diver swimming with a sign to welcome your guests!  (No, not all of these are pictures I took.  Kellye sent me some better ones since I’m just not a skilled photographer.)

The Orinoco room is just fabulous and of course my fave due to the view of the manatees.  (I have no idea why I like them, I just do.) The water in the background is just amazing at night.

Next we checked out the Port Hole room, which I had no idea they even had.  It’s such a large space, kind of tucked into the aquarium so you’d hardly know you were in a rain forest.  With their amazing linen selection, every event is beautiful.

Their newest space is in the Mundo Maya exhibit.  In this exhibit, you’ll see everything from flamingos to Jaguars (really).  I was lucky enough to have lunch in the Mundo Maya restaurant, which has the most beautiful wooden tables and chairs.  From within the restaurant, you can look out into the rain forest.  It was amazing getting to see all the things birds do in the wild and up high (since we’re up at the top of the exhibit).  There were definitely some fun moments. 

Thanks to Aquarium for allowing me to come in and see what unique spaces you have avaialble for brides.  I can’t wait to help with a wedding there!  I’m sure this is one of the most unique wedding reception venues in Dallas!  After watching everything that goes on there, all I can say is that Kellye has a great place to work, but it can be tough since it’s still a zoo out there, literally right outside her office window.

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