Just Average?

Game of Love wedding aisle hopscotchWe get asked a lot of questions.  Really, a lot of questions.  Do we assign seats?  Is it more fun to have a band or a DJ?  How do we get an elephant? (That one is Brooke’s favorite).  But the questions we get asked most frequently inevitably have to do with budgets and cost.

How much is the average wedding?  Yep, we hear this one pretty often.  Recently, Slate wrote an article about the average cost of weddings.  You can read the whole article here, but the short version: Mainstream wedding media publishes numbers each year, giving the average cost of weddings across the country.  The author correctly points out that by reporting an average, the media may not be offering an accurate picture of wedding costs.  Flashback to math class – to find an average, you add all the costs and divide by the number of weddings included in the count.  So, a super high number could skew the average upwards.  A median cost would give a more realistic number, theoretically, because a median reflects the number in the middle of the cost spectrum.

This is a great point.  The author throws some other key points in there: geography is always a factor (things cost more in NYC than they do in Wisconsin); your guest count is always going to play a big role in your spending (a $30,000 budget could be huge for a wedding with only 50 guests, but not much at all for a wedding with 300); and as a specialized industry, weddings tend to have higher costs (generally because specific experience or knowledge is required to perform well as a vendor).

But here’s our real takeaway from this type of argument.  Your wedding is yours.  It’s unique, by nature of the very fact that you and your partner have nurtured and developed the event from sprouts to harvest.  The cost of your wedding is going to reflect that.  What can you or your parents afford?  What do you feel comfortable spending?  Those are the important questions – the ones we ask our clients.  Because at the end of the day, whether your wedding budget reflects the average cost, the median cost, or something else entirely – you’re part of a marriage.  And isn’t that the best part?  Well.  Unless there’s an elephant.

Photography by Katie Cassidy Photography