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Trying to choose a photographer for your wedding, but having trouble sorting through the different styles and definitions?  Because photography is such a personal art form, sometimes it’s hard to compare apples to apples.  Additionally, trying to narrow down what it is exactly that you like about a particular photographer’s work can require a whole new vocabulary.  Our friends at A Practical Wedding posted an article on various photography styles some time ago, and we thought we’d adapt (read: shamelessly borrow) their style categories a bit and give you some of our favorite options in the DFW area.  We suggest you read the whole article over on APW first, since we’re only pulling some highlights out here.

Photojournalism – Simple Moments 

Simple Moments wedding photography photojournalism

Stacey Pinkney at Simple Moments Photography is one of those talented photographers who can catch moments, details, and interactions as they happen, rather than spending her time arranging and posing folks in a shot.  If you aren’t the kind of person who likes posing, photojournalism is going to be a style you love.

Simple Moments wedding photography photojournalism

Keywords: Unobtrusive, candid, genuine, honest

Fine Art – Lynn Michelle Photography

Lynn Michelle wedding photography fine art

Lynn Michelle at Lynn Michelle Photography, like many Fine Art photographers, takes BEAUTIFUL shots. And chances are, if you choose a fine art wedding photographer, your photos will not look like anyone else’s. Fine art photographers know light – how it shapes and perfects the human form – and they utilize everything from flash to beautiful sunlight to make that happen.

Lynn Michelle wedding photography fine art

Keywords: Artistic, creative, natural light

Epic – Flashbox Photography

Tony Valadez at Flashbox Photography is a master at the epic style.  Fabulous lighting, unbelievable backdrops, and out of this world imagery are all earmarks of his work.

Flashbox wedding photography epic

Keywords: Editorial, dramatic, composite, modern

Modern Traditional – Amy Karp Photography

Amy Karp wedding photography portrait bouquet detail

Amy at Amy Karp Photography has a timeless, clean, cinematic style that really represents the modern traditional motif.   Her posed photos are key to her look, and she does a fabulous job with the editorial details of the day as well.

Amy Karp wedding photography formal bridal party

Key words: Modern, classic, editorial, details

And, of course, we totally agree with APW’s final words: “Do you like the photos and do they make you happy? Do you like the photographer and do they make you happy? Done and done. You can forget about the rest.”  Amen.

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