Defining Lighting Options for Weddings

Think lighting your reception means flipping a light switch? Think again. Lighting can be a fabulous way to kick your wedding up a notch, to make it a simply stunning event.

When talking to different lighting companies or lighting designers it can seem like they are speaking a different language. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered, just gather round for today’s Vocab Lesson!

Pin spots: a focused beam of light shining directly onto an object, like a centerpiece or the cake, used as a highlighting effect

Gobo: a projection of a wedding motif, like the wedding date, a monogram or a symbol

Up lights: projects light up to give the wall a dramatic effect or to highlight an area

Color Wash: basically a technique that “washes” an entire area a different color

Break up pattern: a projection of a pattern or an all over design, can be projected under the Gobo or over a color washed wall or over a blank wall, etc

Well now that you’ve learned the language of lighting, let’s chat about what lighting can do for your wedding.

Lighting is a great way change the look or feeling in the room. If you are doing your ceremony and reception in the same room, try color washing the room in a warm, soft amber color and then have the lighting switch to a dramatic color like purple. It can completely change the ambiance and your guests won’t even realize it’s the same room. Color washing the walls can also help set the tone for your guests, for example having a softer color during dinner and pumping up the vibrancy when it’s time to party.

If you don’t want to color wash, think about using up lights between windows or over pillars. You can have a break up pattern by the dance floor and have your monogram or another symbolic symbol as your gobo over the break up pattern. You love your centerpieces, pin spot them so they are more of a focal point. In love with your cake, then pin spot it!

Using lighting is a great way to add a little more drama {the good kind of drama} to your event.

Now that we’ve talked about light terms and what you can do with them, next I’ll post about pricing and different options that you can choose from!

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    I never really put much thought about the lighting options for weddings before. I think I’ll try Gobo or Break up pattern, I really like them. Thanks for sharing this, by the way. Interesting.

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