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No matter what the budget, I’m always asking my brides to look at linen samples. Tablecloths are one of the easiest and most effective ways to change the look of a room, carry a color theme and to even stretch those budget dollars. When you have a fabulous tablecloth, you can get away with less dramatic centerpieces and you can get colors that you simply can’t get in flowers! Plus, linen samples are the perfect way to choose that perfect shade of your favorite color and then use it to show all your vendors exactly what you are talking about.

One of my fave vendors for custom linen rentals is Jules Event Décor. I recently asked Jules to give me some tips and here’s what she said:

1. The wedding linens you choose for your wedding will set your theme, whether it is elegant, romantic, or contemporary. You want wedding linens that will make an impression the moment your guests enter and gaze across the room.  (For an example, check out these before and after photos.)


Orange and Pink Wedding Theme Tablecloths

2. A bride can certainly rent specialty linens to add to the design and layout of her wedding reception without exceeding her budget. Specialty linens made from fabrics such as pin tuck, crinkled taffeta, crushed shimmers may be used on the sweetheart table, bridal party table, cake table(s), or guest book table.

3. Linen made of a solid-color, lamour fabric may be used on all the guest tables as it is more reasonably priced. [Poly-cottons are the staple linens offered by rental companies and venues. Lamour fabric is a “step up” and has a wonderful sheen to it.]  This is also a great choice for napkin and chair sash rentals.

4. If your “linen” rental budget is limited, you can still make an impression by using the table linens your venue provides, yet renting napkins or sashes in your color theme while complimenting your venue’s decor. The size, style, and quantity of your linen needs will determine your linen budget.

As Jules says, “your goal as a ‘savvy’ bride is to find the best wedding linen rental price without compromising the quality of the linen.” You can check out Jules Event Décor at

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  1. Wesley Colberth
    | Reply

    Wendy, thanks for the great advice on the use of table linens. Although your article focuses on wedding i’m sure the same trick can be used for any occasion, including restaurants. If table linens are so important, I assume that restaurants have access to the best manufacturers of table linens to better the look of their seating arrangements.

    • Brooke Millis
      | Reply

      Wesley, thanks for your comment! Sometimes restaurants have access to great linens, but for specialty pieces, we usually reach out to linen-specific or -focused rental companies, such as BBJ Linen or La Tavola Fine Linen. They often have a unique selection of sequined, sheer, or woven tablecloths that can provide a big visual plus up!

  2. emily bennette
    | Reply

    This is some really good things to know if you are planning a big event and you need tablecloths. I am glad that you talked about making sure that the work with your theme. That would be a good thing to remember when party planning.

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