Making Music at the Reception

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You made it to the reception! Yes! And now, of course, it’s time to party. Whether your vision for your reception involves a genteel meet and greet or a rocking’ dance floor, music will set the tone for your guests and an emcee will keep them pointed in the right direction. When it comes to reception music, we see couples choosing from one of the following three options (or maybe mixing them up!): a live band, a DJ, or an iPod.  We’ll talk about each of these options in detail in posts later on this month, but here’s a quick overview!

Bands are a *fantastic* way to create a fun party for your guests. Nothing gets people dancing like live music. There are so many styles available, too, that you can absolutely pick something that appeals to you and your sweetie! Whether it’s a three piece country band or a cover band with its own horn section, a band can bring a special flair to your reception.

If a band is outside of your budget, there are some amazing DJ options out there as well! One advantage of a DJ over a band is that a great DJ can read the crowd well and change the music up a bit if he or she isn’t getting your crowd on their feet. Additionally, DJs generally have a lot more experience as emcees, which can make your reception flow more smoothly from a guest perspective.

Sometimes music just isn’t a priority, and in that situation, we see people turn to technology. Using an iPod to provide music for your reception is definitely possible. There are some great apps out now that allow you to manage your playlist on the fly, or give guests the ability to add to a playlist with special requests. We always suggest supplementing an iPod with an emcee, whether it’s a professional or a volunteer from your family and friends.

Stay tuned for more discussion on different music options and how best to navigate planning your reception music!

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