Our team is made up of amazing and hard-working women who love teaming up with couples to make their wedding day match their vision. Our approach is to assign a Lead Planner to each couple as they engage our services to function as their primary planner and partner in the planning and coordination process. On the wedding day, each couple also gets assigned an Assistant Wedding Planner (plus more if needed) to help the Lead Planner execute all the plans and make sure everything runs smoothly. Lead Planners are assigned based on availability, services chosen and personality. Please let us know if you’d like to request a specific planner for your day!

Wendy Kidd, Owner

Wendy is the creator and owner of Each & Every Detail. As a lead planner, she has planned and coordinated weddings since 2006 at Each & Every Detail. Before that, she was the manager of a venue and that’s where she fell in love with weddings. Wendy is one of seven Certified Master Wedding Planners in the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners, where she currently serves as President. Because of her passion when it comes to education, she has been an instructor at the AACWP Training Courses since 2009. Wendy also:
  • was a storm-chaser in college and still loves to watch and listen to thunder storms
  • is an avid reader, whether it be for education or sci-fi/fantasy
  • adores cats even though she’s allergic
  • graduated from Texas A&M

Brooke Millis, Senior Lead Planner

Brooke joined Each & Every Detail in 2012 as an intern. She became a lead planner in 2013 and has been an essential part of our team ever since. She was promoted to Senior Lead Planner in 2017. Brooke is a Certified Wedding Planner with AACWP and became an instructor at the training courses in 2016. She currently serves on the Meetings and Events Committee for AACWP. Brooke also:

  • reads more than anyone we know
  • enjoys cooking and delights in a great glass of wine
  • is a spreadsheet queen
  • loves anything Disney

Sarah Varnau, Lead Planner

Sarah completed an internship with us in 2016.  Sarah knew she wanted to be a wedding planner and jumped right into completing the training courses through AACWP shortly after her internship.  We added her to the team as an Assistant Wedding Planner, which she excelled at, so we happily promoted her to the Lead Planner role in 2017.  Sarah also:

  • is a huge Harry Potter fan, and even named her dog Muggles
  • loves musicals, with Hamilton being her current fave
  • with her degree in history and minor in film studies, she’s of course a historical movie buff!
  • loves wedding ceremonies as she says they are always special and loves hearing stories about couples married for many, many years

Megan Burkett, Lead Planner

Megan began with us in 2016 as an intern and graduated to Assistant Wedding Planner in May 2016. Megan completed her AACWP training courses in 2017 and we immediately promoted her to Lead Planner.  Megan also:

  • is a newlywed and new mom
  • loves going to the movies
  • is super organized
  • loves to schedule and has her days and life planned out

Tamara Devers, Assistant Planner

Tamara started her internship with us in 2015 and became an Assistant Planner in 2015. She attended the QC Event School in 2015 to achieve her status as Wedding Planning Professional. Tamara has been a strong component of our wedding day teams and clients love her! Tamara also:
  • is an avid Batman fan
  • is the absolute best at finding the perfect meme for any situation
  • says laughing and making people laugh are two of her favorite past times
  • is a triple checker

Shawna Pilcher, Office Admin

Shawna started with Each & Every Detail as an Assistant Wedding Planner in 2014, left us for a short while in 2015 and returned to us as our Office Admin in 2016. Shawna is super organized and helps us with all the little things and keeps us all straight while we support our couples. She also serves as Assistant Wedding Planner as needed. She’s the glue that keeps us together and we love having her on the team! Shawna also:
  • is married with one son
  • enjoys trying new restaurants
  • loves spending time outdoors
  • is completely addicted to coffee