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Choosing what the men of the wedding party will wear should rank *right* up there with what the women will wear, as ideally they are complimentary. We didn’t want to leave you guys in the lurch when figuring out what to look for when shopping for the men.

This should be decision numero uno when selecting menswear. What look are you going for? Most shops have a variety of looks within, so not knowing before you go in is okay, but identifying what will work with your wedding’s theme/style – and with your body type! – will help make all of the other choices that much easier.

This can fit right in line with the color palette of the wedding, or it can merely provide a neutral backdrop for it. Either way, figuring out preferable and possible color choices after you select a style will help narrow down selection, since not all suits will come in all colors.

We’ve been very happy to see a resurgence lately in a slim fit for menswear. If that’s not your or your man’s thing, however, there are lots of other options – especially in retro fits – which afford more room, or a different shape altogether. Just like it’s important for a bride to wear a dress that works with her body type, it’s also important for a suit’s fit to be right for the groom!

They’re not just for women! French cuff shirt with cufflinks? Trés chic, and a nice way to bring in some individualism that’s subtle. Pocket squares, hanging ties, bow ties, suspenders, gloves, top hats, bowler hats, pageboy hats, tie pins or bars, pocket watches, vests, socks, shoes: all can be worn in a style that compliments the suit, the person, and the event.

Go forth and shop well!

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