Mission Accomplished: Chay + Brandon

Another week, another wedding. Gosh, I love my job!  Chay & Brandon were also at the Cotton Mill this week, although their ceremony took place at the Waddill Street Baptist Church.  With colors of Claret, Champagne and Khaki, the tone was definitely different and while a little more formal, they incorporated the rustic feel of the Cotton Mill more.  Eddie Deen’s was there to cater some great finger foods and Sweet Art Bakery was back with both cake’s, including the groom’s cake which was Star’s Hockey puck.  It was so playful and GOOD!  I wish I’d gotten a picture of it whole, but alas did not have time as it went FAST.  If Jason Kindig shares, I will definitely post it for you to see this favorite of the bride & groom.  (He also got some great shots of the lightning show we had, can’t wait to see that!)   Here are some of the pics I got Saturday:


We of course filled the fountain with candles and rose petals.  We had to relight them several times throughout the night due to the breeze from the passing thunderstorms.  They were so romantic though, I simply couldn’t let them stay unlit!


Chay & Brandon had many, many family photos to share with their guests to personalize and capture moments from lots of special days, not just the wedding day. We had a table for her family, his family, her bridal portraits and a table for their combined pictures.  I loved getting to create these displays.


The famous Hockey Puck Cake already going like hotcakes. It was so delicious! You can see a bit of the bride’s cake in this picture, which had their names and special words of love wrapped around the middle layer. I love words on cakes!



Chay and Brandon’s dads, along with Brandon, added twinkle lights to the dance floor to give it a more intimate feel. With these lights and the Cotton Mill chandeliers, the lighting was perfect for a rustic setting. (Made me feel like we might be out in an old barn in west Texas, but with the advantage of it being fully restored and gorgeous!)

Thanks for a fabulous time Chay & Brandon. I hope you have a blast in Hawaii!

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