More News! Each & Every Detail’s Second Office

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Yes, you read that right.  We have opened a second office!  With more of our clients making use of Dallas-located vendors or choosing Dallas venues, we find ourselves with more and more meetings in Dallas.  So, we just decided to go ahead and open a second office to accommodate those meetings.  We will not be closing our McKinney office or moving our main operations to the Dallas office (we still love McKinney!), we just wanted to accommodate our clients with the second location to have a dedicated and welcoming space just as we do for our McKinney clients.

Our new location is in the same studio as Elan Makeup Studio and K&S Photography, so thank you to our new office suite-mates for letting us join in the fun!  The address is 4038 Lemmon Avenue, Suite 102.  We’d love for you to come see us.  Thanks to Shauna for the photo!