Official Titles…

So, what’s with all these names?  There are so many wedding planners out there, but they all come under different titles.  You might have seen wedding planner, consultant, coordinator, designer and producer, to name a few.  What’s the difference?  Well, there really isn’t a defined job description for anyone to point to, but here is my opinion. 

I chose the name “wedding planner” because of two reasons.  1st – this is the designation the two certification programs I have participated in elected to use.  They feel the word planner is an umbrella for all of the other names and I agree.  2nd – This is what I feel I do.  A planner is someone who plans out all the details of a wedding, determining all the logisitcs and coordinating those logistics, vendors and all the other details to make sure your wedding is what you want it to be.  The first program I was trained through, Dallas Wedding Planner, has given me the title of Certified Wedding Planner.  Completing the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners gave me the title Trained Wedding Planner, although I have since progressed and earned the title Certified Master Wedding Planner.  

For all the other names, want to know what they mean?  Ask the person using the title.  A friend of mine will be using the title wedding designer.  For her, this is because she will be offering floral, decor and design services.  This is what she prefers to focus on, instead of actual coordination.  I think each vendor defines these words for themselves, so make sure when you are looking at a vendor using these titles, you ask them to define those services so you know what you are getting, and when comparing, it’s all apples!

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