Peaches on Par Floral & Details

Floral was key to our theme in that we wanted it to almost be understated.  We wanted it to be soft, low centerpieces, trailing down the middle of our long table.  Peaches were of course important, so we displayed those on the table, which meant the floral had to color coordinate with them.  We turned to Amanda from Nest, Floral Studio, to help us put together these pieces, plus a bouquet for a bride to carry that would match this theme.

From our original storyboard, you can see we were focusing on soft colors in peaches, pinks, ivory and white.  We also suggested she use ranunculus and garden roses.  She brought those in, but added even better choices!  The bride’s bouquet she came up with was stunning with poppies in a peachy pink, peach parrot tulips, orange ranunculus, peach juliette garden roses and creamy white astilbe.  When we asked Amanda for an estimate, she said a lush gathering of these type flowers in a bridal bouquet would cost about $175.  Extremely reasonable for these types of flowers!

 Peaches on Par Bridal Bouquet with poppies in peachy pink, peach parrot tulips, orange ranunculus, peach juliette garden roses and creamy white astilbe

For the centerpiece on our long table, Amanda provided faceted antique glassware to use for the vases.  We loved the glassware because it added a great texture, but was not distracting since it was clear.  She had the 3 medium to large pieces set down the middle of the table, then smaller pieces interwoven throughout the table.  The floral she used included the garden roses, astilbe, ranunculus, and poppies.  She added a touch of hypericum berries to the centerpieces as well. For all the items on the table, the entire installation would cost approximately $275.  This does not include the orange ranunculus bloom with the simple tuff of white astilbe tucked in the napkins, which would cost $6 per place setting.

 Peaches on Par Centerpiece with faceted antique glassware to include garden roses, astilbe, ranunculus, poppies, hypericum berry

To achieve a similar look, but with less expensive flowers, Amanda suggests using standard peach roses, stock, field tulips and other seasonal flowers.  The other item Amanda contributed to was the escort card display (see previous post), as she brought the wheat grass we used.  For the amount of grass we used, this would cost $45.

While floral is of course important, there were some other details key to this shoot.  First, the chairs and benches we used were provided by vintage furniture rental company, Borrowed.  Melinda was super sweet and even painted the benches just the right color for us!  We made the cushions from foam core and material we found at Hobby Lobby.  So simple and easy to make!


The dishes were provided by Jackson’s Home & Garden.  The  Juliska Stoneware Ceramics line was like it had been made for our golf theme!  We loved the dotted circles that looked like golf balls on the white plate, and the glassware had the perfect motif!  With the entire place setting costing a little over $250, purchasing these plates would not be what we recommend, but they were fun for the shoot.  The peachy pink small plate was provided by one of her interns.  It was her grandmother’s and is depression glass.  Not something we can put a price on!


For the pies, Edison’s (a fabulous venue and offsite caterer) made these delicious desserts.  They were SO scrumptious looking (and smelled heavenly), the golfers all around us were dying to steal them!  Fortunately, Christina at TPC Craig Ranch helped us choose the perfect spot for our table so we were out of their line of fire and their reach, so none went missing.


Last, but certainly not least, the ivory garden cutwork linen from BBJ linen just made our day.  It was perfect for the theme and just looked lovely outside!  We know you’ll love it too.  This linen would be $40.50 per table.


We hope you enjoyed our photos as much as we did in creating them!  Thanks again to Celina Gomez for photographing everything, and Brides of North Texas for giving us this opportunity!

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