Planning, Decorating, and Passkey

Passkey DecorOne of the things that pop culture doesn’t really share about wedding planners is the difference between being a planner and a decorator.  Let’s talk a little bit about the role of a planner versus the role of a decorator.

A wedding planner’s primary job is to make sure the event runs smoothly.  A planner is an advocate for his or her clients, acting as a liaison or a conduit between the couple and their vendors.  A wedding planner is a professional consultant that helps his or her clients create a wedding based on vision, personal taste, and budget.  Planners wear many hats, including creative consultant, mediator, facilitator, organizer, negotiator, crisis manager, and more.  A decorator is generally a bit more functional.  Depending on the professional, a decorator’s services may include design services, like helping their clients form a vision of their wedding and how best to achieve that vision.  Some decorators assist in do-it-yourself projects for wedding décor.  Some decorators simply set things out that the client has rented or purchased from them.

Both of these professionals have a role on the wedding day.  Generally speaking, however, professionals do not offer both of these services.  The reason why is a question of time and availability.  On the wedding day, there is generally a two-hour period before the event begins that is allotted for setting up.  Table décor may need to be placed at the exact same time a planner would be coordinating first look photos. If your ceremony and your reception are at two different venues, it is tricky for one person to accomplish all the tasks necessary to get things ready and moving smoothly.  As wedding planners, we at Each & Every Detail do offer some decorating, such as we might place linens or set out the cake knives and toasting flutes.  However, we do not tie bows on 150 chairs at a reception.  Why?  Because our job is to make sure things are happening in the right order, at the right time.  We can hire other people to help us tie bows.

Recently, we’ve recognized a need in the industry that’s not being filled.  With the advent of Pinterest and the skyrocketing levels of do-it-yourself projects that brides are undertaking for their wedding day décor, we find many brides are less interested in planning assistance and instead simply require competent professionals to set out their handmade décor.  By hiring a decorator to complete this service, your friends and family are freed from the task of setting everything up just so, then rushing around like crazy to get to your ceremony on time.  You are able to spend more time with the people you love on your wedding day, and someone else takes care of the details.

We’re excited to announce these services through our new division, Passkey Décor.  We love planning, and we hope everyone hires at least month-of assistance to make the day go smoothly.  But, if that’s not in your budget or you’ve already hired a planner, you should take a look at our Passkey Décor to decide if you need some help getting everything in place, décor-wise, for your reception.  Basically, here’s what we do:

– You complete our form that describes your décor in detail, one to three months prior to your wedding.

– We review your form and send you a quote.

– We meet with you to see samples of your décor items and your venue space.  We finalize your décor plan no less than 10 days before the wedding.

– On the day of the wedding, our staff arrives and unloads the décor items from the designated vehicle(s) and sets it up according to plan.  We head out.

– We return at the conclusion of your reception to pack everything up in the containers it came in and return it to the appropriate vehicle(s).

We want to make this easy on your and your other vendors, so let us know how we can help.  Please visit us at for more information and to check out our FAQ.