Planning Your Proposal

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With the holidays coming up, many couples are taking that next step and becoming engaged.  It’s such a wonderful moment in a couple’s lives and whether it is a simple question or perfectly planned event, it’s special and unique for each.  If you’re planning your proposal, here are a few tips we suggest for making the most of this time for you and your significant other:

  • Make it about the two of you. Are you both introverts and prefer a quiet night at home?  Or are you both social people and love being with friends and family?  When planning, design your moment to have the most impact by choosing who will be there and how it will happen carefully.  Whether you choose a romantic dinner for two or the spotlight shining on you while surrounded by a flash mob, just make sure it’s what your significant other would enjoy as well.  It’s about the two of you as a couple and creating a memory you will both chWedding Proposal in a Parkerish.
  • Plan the where. Where your proposal happens can make the proposal even more special.  You can choose a location for its sentimental value, like a special place for the two of you to go to spend time together, or a place you’ve been that is special, such as where you went on your first date.  You can also choose a location simply for its romantic value, like a horse carriage ride.
  • Plan what you want to say. This can be something as simple as “Will you marry me?” to a prepared speech you have memorized or written down so you can read it off.  It can be what you choose, but give some thought to it before you ask.  That way you’ll speak from the heart and nerves hopefully won’t render you too speechless. 😉
  • Find a way to record the moment. Photographers absolutely love getting asked to capture this moment.  If you’ll be in a public space, contact wedding photographers in your area to find someone you like, are comfortable with and can be super sneaky in capturing the exact moment you ask!  If in a private space, set up your phone to record the moment if you can.  We recommend this because our clients always show us these photos and videos and truly cherish that they have them, so we know you will too!

We love hearing about engagement stories, so once you’ve popped the question, make sure to come back and share them with us!  For those who are already engaged, what was your proposal like?

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