Pro Tip: Wedding Insurance

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Wedding insurance is not a new phenomenon, but a lot of couples don’t realize it exists. It’s designed to protect your investment in this special, often expensive day, and bears serious consideration, regardless of your overall budget.

Sometimes your existing insurance company will have this available, so check with them first. If they don’t, however, navigate on over to and check out the list of providers whose services and policies they’ve reviewed to see which meets your needs.

Some policies include:
– vendors not showing up or going out of business
– cancellation/postponement of the wedding due to a key player (like dad or one of you) being hospitalized
– some companies offer a “change of heart” policy that protects your parents’ investment in case you or your groom suffer from cold feet

No one likes to think of any reason a wedding could be derailed, but prudent planning can take the sting out of misfortune, and allow you the breathing room necessary to get everything back on track.

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