Redux – Setting the Scene: Tabletops

Let’s just admit it – we’ve all had that moment on Pinterest where you look at a perfectly gorgeous table and think, “Yes, yes, yes.  This is what I want for my wedding.”  But what goes into creating that styled look?  There are a whole variety of things to consider – table size and shape, chairs, china, stationery, and, of course, floral.  But, there are two other elements that can really change the look and feel of the whole table: linens and chargers. Let’s look at how to use these to best effect.


Linens (by which we mean tablecloths and napkins and runners, oh my!) can really shake up the feel of your whole room.  Don’t be afraid to use some color or pattern in your linens.  Also, you don’t necessarily need to tie yourself to a single linen for the whole room.  Judicious mixing can have a wonderful effect, whether it’s patterns and solids, shades of one color, or a variety of colors and fabrics.  While some venues provide basic linens, even adding one or two specialty linens to provide that pop of pretty – maybe under your cake or at your head table? – can change the feel and look of the room.

Patterned linen wedding tabletop

A patterned linen to add a little drama

Photo courtesy of Simple Moments Photography

Colored napkins runners wedding tabletop

Bring in a little color with runners and napkins

Photo courtesy of Katie Cassidy Photography

Specialty linen cake table wedding

A textured specialty linen can help your cake table dazzle

Photo courtesy of Joy Neville Photography


Chargers range from the very plain metallic painted plastic to the extremely fabulous handcrafted glass. A charger definitely lends a different air to a table setting – and not always a formal one.  You can be creative with materials and find something that really lends itself to your aesthetic.  Chargers can be procured from some venues, rented from a number of sources, or you can buy or make them yourself.  Just be sure that if you decide to invest in them that you take them with you at the end of the evening!

Paper chargers wedding tabletop

Use a paper charger, printed with your menu, for a fun and unique touch

Photo courtesy of Joseph Mark Photography

Clear glass charger wedding tabletop

A clear charger adds some definition without distracting from the placesetting

Photo courtesy of Cottonwood Road Photography

Corrugated metal chargers wedding tabletop

Be creative – this table features corrugated sheet metal cut to size as a charger!

Photo courtesy of Katie Cassidy Photography

Fancy charger wedding tabletop

Choose a more elaborate charger to make a statement!

Photo courtesy of Flashbox Photography

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