Selecting Your Ceremony Music

While the ceremony is the most important piece of your wedding day, often times the music that accompanies your ceremony is overlooked and decided on last minute. Think of the music for your ceremony as the soundtrack to these amazing moments. Shouldn’t it be special?  Of course, you may be restricted based on your ceremony venue, but let’s talk options!

Pre-recorded Music

Depending on your chosen venue, this could be a sound tech playing something from an iPod to a DJ setting up his sound system and playing music from his laptop.  Recorded music allows you to know exactly what your selected songs will sound like, as well as allowing you to edit songs for timing, shortening and/or playing only a certain part of a song.  You are limited only by what music you have and/or can purchase from iTunes.  (Unless your venue restricts your music choices, but we’ll talk about that and logistics in another blog.)  Quite often, couples choose this option due to cost as well if a sound system is included with their venue.

Live MusicHarpist Jenny Glas

There is nothing like professionally trained musicians performing for your ceremony!  It creates a wonderful ambiance, with the mood set depending on the type of instruments and songs chosen.  The most popular choice is a traditional string trio or quartet.  Usually made up of a violin, viola and cello, adding in another violin for the quartet, this classic selection sets an elegant mood for your ceremony.  You can make it fun and funky depending on the songs you’ve chosen.  Some choose a duo or to combine strings with another instrument, such as the piano.  Other classic choices are a guitarist or harpist to set the mood.  Again, music choice is key, but harps are considered to be very elegant.

Want to put a spin on the traditional strings?  Try out an electric violin or contemporary string ensembles, like The Violin Guy or Rockestra.  Some other ideas we’ve seen are bagpipes for a grand entrance or exit to the ceremony, a bell or gospel choir for all or parts of a ceremony, or even a full orchestra for the ceremony. (Yes, that does cost quite a bit of money.)  There are lots of options out there, even for those who want to be more alternative in their choices.

Stay tuned and in our next blog we’ll talk more about these options and how much music to select for your ceremony.

 Photo provided by Phase 3 Photography

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